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  Zombie Dog
Zombie dog.jpg
Gender Unknown
First Appearance "Fracking Zombies"
Last Appearance "Fracking Zombies"
Death Episode "Fracking Zombies"
Cause of Death Froze to death in the snowstorm. Out of mercy by Citizen Z
Status Dead

The zombie dog is a zombie animal in "Z Nation", first appearing in Season 1 episode 2 "Fracking Zombies".


Prior to the outbreak he was a sledhound together with Pup and an unknown owner. During the snowstorm his owner freezes to death while him and Pup moves towards Northern Light Listening Post. The zombie dog turned from freezing to death outside of camp Northern light.

Post Apocalypse[]

Northern Light listening post's sensors detected an approaching sled team and musher. Citizen Z first thought of snacks that a guest would want but realized that there could be danger.

Arming himself with a pistol, Citizen Z confronted the musher. It turned out to be undead, as did one of his sled dogs, the zombie dog.

Citizen Z killed the zombie and, along with the only surviving dog of the sled team, Pup, hunted down the zombie dog inside Northern Lights and gave it mercy.

Both Citizen Z and Pup survived the encounter.


Killed by[]

  • Snowstorm
  • Killed by Citizen Z (Out of Mercy)


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