A variety of zombie animals have appeared in "Z Nation", first appearing in Season 1 episode 2 "Fracking Zombies".

Background Edit

Only one known animal, the Zombie Monkey, was exposed to ZN1 prior to the outbreak.

Post Apocalypse Edit

During Season 1 the Westward-bound survivor group as well as Citizen Z have encountered a few animals that have turned zombie due to the ZN1 virus.

Zombie Dog Edit

Citizen Z encountered a Zombie Dog in Season 1 episode 2 "Fracking Zombies" and succeeded in killing it.

Zombie Snake Edit

A Zombie Snake appeared in Addy's dream, threatening Mack in Season 1 episode 9 "Die, Zombie, Die... Again".

Whether reptiles like snakes can become zombies is unknown, though it appears that since this was the only known zombified reptile and it showed up in a dream, reptiles most likely cannot become zombies.

Zombie Bear Edit

The Sisters of Mercy used a Zombie Bear as a means of execution for violent human men in Season 1 episode 11 "Sisters of Mercy".

As can be expected, their use of an unpredictable zombie lead to a predictable, and violent, end for their community.

Zombie Monkey Edit

The Westward-bound survivor group view a Zombie Monkey on a video in Season 1 episode 13 "Doctor of the Dead".

It was the first test subject for the ZN1 virus, under the code name "Red Death".

Other Zombie Animals Edit

Several zombiefied animals can be seen during episode "Zombie Baby Daddy"

A survivor mentions having seen Zombie Bison in North Dakota, in Season 1 Episode 8 "Zunami".


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