Z-nado is an event used in "Z Nation", that first appeared in Season 1 episode 5 "Home Sweet Zombie." Z-nados occur 'naturally' when a tornado forms in an area densely populated by zombies.


The Z-nado occurred at Castle Point, Missouri. Several zombies were sucked up into a tornado, forming a Z-nado that not only destroys everything in its path, but hurls the undead around.


  • The zombienado or "Z-nado" is a nod to the sharknado weather phenomena seen in the Sharknado franchise, which is also a SyFy production. "Home Sweet Zombie" aired 4 months after the premiere of Sharknado 2, and Z-Nation character Roberta Warren would go on to appear in Sharknado 3, thus tying the two storylines together. Warren's appearance in Sharknado 3 - where she is still only a sergeant - chronologically predates the events of "Puppies and Kittens."
  • In "Home Sweet Zombie," when first encountering the Z-nado, Charles Garnett exclaims "Is that what I think?" - to which Roberta replies "They ain't sharks!" When the episode first aired, this comment appeared to be an inside joke aimed at the audience - which Charles would consider a very random thing to say. After Sharknado 3 premiered, it became clear that Roberta had actually encountered a sharknado event. Charles would have found her comment completely relevant since the sharknado incidents were widely known and reported phenomena, and being in the National Guard himself, he too may have been called on to help deal with the same sharknado outbreak Roberta was activated for.