The Westward-Bound Survivor Group has had a variety of vehicles over the course of the series.

One of the longest held vehicles of the heroes, the Black Ford F-350 was a powerhouse, taking them from adventure to adventure.

Highlights of the vehicle include smashing through zombies on the Tappen Zee Bridge and getting a zombie caught in the wheel-well, busting through the gates of the Philly Cannibal Compound, and breaking down right before the Zunami spread over the land.

The Deuce-and-a-half lasted less than two episodes but it brought a lot of enjoyment to Roberta Warren as she used it to smash through the zombies that infested the Tappen Zee Bridge. Soon thereafter, it ran out of gas and, after the events at the Jersey Devil Refinery and the loss of the gas, it was permanently abandoned.

The Deuce-and-a-half has a 50 caliber machine gun on a pintle above the passenger seat.

The Chevy Suburban obtained from the defunct Operation Bite-mark mission didn't last long with the group, being destroyed in the Jersey Devil Refinery fire.

The Gasoline Tanker Truck would have been a great asset, especially if it was filled with gas, but unfortunately, it burned up in the refinery fire.