The Vaccine, also known as the Zombie Vaccine or the ZN1 Vaccine, is a medical vaccine from "Z Nation", that first appeared in Season 1 episode 1 "Puppies and Kittens".


The ZN1 virus was created, along with the vaccine, at an underground facility in Fort Collins, Colorado around 2014.

The virus was created by Dr. Walter Kurian and Dr. Marilyn Merch. When testing the virus on primates, a lab technician named Brandon Doyle got infected as the virus jumped to humans.

Doyle was given the experimental vaccine to save him from turning zombie. It saved his life but would not let him die, until he was given Mercy by Murphy.

Post ApocalypseEdit

In 02 AZ, Dr. Merch tested different versions of the vaccine on prisoners at Portsmouth Naval Prison. The only survivor among the prisoners experimented upon in this fashion was Alvin Murphy, who was then attacked by zombies and bitten eight times. The vaccine worked and Murphy did not become a zombie.

By 03AZ, Murphy is the only carrier of the vaccine, prompting Operation Bite-mark and the Westward-bound survivor group to transport him across the country.


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