OK, even though I had a bit of review on my profile page, I decided to go into more detail

Season One

I really liked this season all the episodes were enjoyable, although a few problems 

  • All (or Most) Characters that were killed of in the episode there were introduced in
  • That one really gross gag in Episode 11, but I can easily look over that
  • The Finale, I personally didn't like it, mainly due to the Cliffhanger Ending (FYI, I hate cliffhangers)

Season Two

It was also enjoyable, the first three i enjoyed and also left more "oners" unknown than dead, but there were some problems had with it

  • Episodes 4, 5, 6 , and 8 were really weird that it made it so awkward for me I was actually considering not watching it, although after Episode 9, it toned down
  • Cut Out (Or Rewrite) Episode 7, it was really boring that I want even paying attention to it
  • Another Cliffhanger Finale, just like last season

Overall Thoughts

It's a really enjoyable show when you look past the flaws, so I give it a 9/10 

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