Alright so basically we know that Murphy can control Z’s, we also know from ep 3 of season 2 that he can control Cass too (when he made her hit the guy who gives them Zweed twice). Also if you watch in that ep she is at some point rubbing Murphy’s shoulders, but 10k looks over at Cass and she gives him a look, even softens her eyes like a cat almost and slight smiles at him, but if you listen closely there’s a sound in the background. If you go to later in the episode that sound is heard again for when Murphy is trying to control the Blasters. I believe it was him making Cass snap back and start focusing on rubbing his shoulders again. I think that maybe, Murphy is jealous of what 10k and Cass have, not that he likes Cass in a romantic way but he just wants something like that(or perhaps he does but we just don’t know at this point) and we know Murphy as selfish so I wouldn’t be surprised if he would stop them form being together for his own wants. There’s also a point where after Cass goes and attacks the people on the car that doc was in 10k is also grabbing her attention again, even bringing out a more human side of her, but when Murphy standing in the background sees this he seems upset and she for some reason suddenly looks over to him and comes running. I would say that its almost as if shes answering a call,. What I’m trying to get at is that I think that Murphy is controlling Cass but abusing this and stopping 10k from getting close to her.

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