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  The Man
Actor Joseph Gatt
Gender Male
Occupation Zona Agent (Post-Apocalypse)
First Appearance "No Mercy"
Last Appearance "Warren's Dream" (Remains)
Death Episode "Everybody Dies in the End"
Cause of Death Tackled off a cliff with Addison Carver
Status Dead
Series lifespan "No Mercy" to "Everybody Dies in the End"
Ethnicity Caucasian

"The Man" is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in Z Nation. He serves as the main antagonist of Season 3 and was first encountered in Season 3 Episode 1 "No Mercy".


Nothing is known about "The Man" prior to the apocalypse. Not even his name.


Season 3[]

"No Mercy"[]

Following a list, he collected people to bring to Zona. He offered no explanation as to why, but used force when necessary. He threatens the people at Mercy Labs, telling them to give him Harold Teller. When they lie and say he is dead, he reveals that he has access to significant amounts of intel about the compound, including pictures proving that Dr. Teller was within the compound less than 24 hours before. He then shoots Nature Boy, who was sneaking around the edges of the encounter, with a stunning shot to the head and takes him hostage. When Nature Boy escapes, The Man returns to Mercy Labs, where a guard threatens and is summarily killed by him, which he describes as a "misunderstanding." He then asks whether the survivors have decided to turn over Dr. Teller. Warren and her group, having come to the compound at the request of Nature Boy and Red, step forward and refuse to give him up to The Man. Each claims to be Dr. Teller, inspiring the residents of the compound to join them in his defense. The Westward-Bound Survivor Group then taught the survivors at Mercy Labs how to reinforce the compound and fight back.

Later, the Man came equipped with his own team of chained, helmeted zombies that he called The Kraken, and eventually took Dr. Teller despite efforts to stop him.

"Welcome to Murphytown"[]

As Zona hears about Murphy, he becomes The Mans next target. The Man infiltrates the Museum of Progress by using a severed arm from a previous victim in place of his own to receive the Blend vaccine. He then attempts to get close to Murphy. He offers Murphy his services, displaying his skill by effortlessly killing one of Murphy's men (nicknamed Poor Bastard) and removing the top of his skull, revealing his brain for Murphy's "research". Murphy, still somewhat suspicious, insists that The Man eat the brain himself, which he does with little hesitation despite not actually being a Blend.

Now in Murphy's good graces, The Man captures Cassidy Chaffin, believing her to be Lucy and wanting to use her as leverage against Murphy. He then brings Murphy a plate of brains to get close to him and puts a gun to his head. While Murphy is initially unwilling to go with The Man, he accedes when The Man tells him he has "Lucy". However, upon reaching the car where Cassidy is being kept, The Man's mistake is revealed and he is overpowered.

As punishment, he is handcuffed to Murphy's throne in the Museum and interrogated. The interrogation is interrupted by the momentous event of power being restored to the city of Spokane. While the others were outside witnessing it, The Man somehow severs his own hand and, after taking time to arrange it on the throne with its middle finger up, flees Spokane.

"They Grow Up So Quickly"[]

Unable to get to Murphy, The Man goes after Lucy, equipped with a full functional prosthetic hand. He stabs Pa Kettle and Ma Kettle in order to take Lucy, who has been in their care. Addy and Doc try to stop him but fail, being forced to mercy the Kettles as he drives away.

In the car, Lucy irritates The Man immensely by talking continuously. Eventually, he loses patience and uses a taser on her. To his surprise, it has no effect, simply causing her to giggle with pleasure. He then covers her head with a hood and tied a rope around her neck, which caused her significant distress. When he later removes the hood, he is shocked to see she has aged several years.


Addy eventually catches up with The Man and Lucy, having followed clues left by Lucy. Addy and Lucy nearly escape, but The Man reappears suddenly and slams Addy in the face with a gas can before the two begin a near-deadly fight. They are interrupted by zombies responding to Lucy's screams. He traps Addy on a burning boat and makes good his escape with Lucy. As they drive away, Lucy begins to taunt him with a song about his grisly death at the hands of her zombie friends. In retaliation, he begins running over zombies, causing her extreme distress until she promises to stop.

Addy manages to get ahead of the two and set up an ambush. She shoots The Man in the chest and flees with Lucy and his car, but he survives due to his bulletproof vest. As the two believe him to be wounded or dying, they stop in a small town for supplies and new clothes, allowing him to catch up just as Lucy is fleeing a heated conversation with Addy. The Man and Addy fight again on a rocky river bank, and he brutally beats her. He dislocates her shoulder and nearly drowns her in the river, only sparing her because Lucy tearfully begs him to stop. before leaving her on the shore, taking possession of Lucy again.

Lucy's distress at Addy's beating causes her to age again, this time becoming a pubescent teenager. The Man reluctantly acquiesces to her demands for chocolate, and they stop at a store to search for it. While there, she bonds with several zombies, taunting The Man about his fear of them. She becomes upset when she gets her period for the first time, believing herself to be dying. He awkwardly and vaguely explains that it is just part of growing up, and the zombies comfort her. He attempts to convince her to leave, but she refuses, commanding her zombie friends to attack him as she exits the store. She manages to steal the truck, careening around to face the right direction and running The Man down as vengeance for the zombies he crushed earlier.

Unfortunately for Lucy, the hit-and-run is less than fatal and The Man manages to hang on to the undercarriage. When she locates Addy and gets out of the car, he grabs her and points a gun at Addy, who is still seriously injured and can't put up much of a fight. He warns Addy that if she comes after them again, he will kill her, regardless of how much Lucy cries. He then drives away with Lucy, leaving Addy stranded without a vehicle.

"Everybody Dies in the End"[]

Lucy has aged again, and appears to have given up taunting The Man. Unbeknownst to him, she is communicating with a zombie she bit back at the store, using it to guide Doc and Addy to her. The Man brings Lucy to Mt. Casey in order to be airlifted out by Zona forces. In the climactic battle on the peak, he shoots Murphy in the stomach at close range, causing the bullet to continue through him and also hit Roberta. He then knocks out Doc and drags a screaming Lucy towards the Zona aircraft. Before he can do so, Addy appears, having scaled the mountainside. She tackles him and they fall off a cliff, quickly followed by Lucy and 5K diving after them.

When Red and 10K rush down the mountain to try and find 5K, they see a flock of crows flying around something, eventually clearing enough to reveal a mangled corpse.

Killed Victims[]



Memorable Quotes[]

"I take that as a "No"..." - After being shot in the chest by Nature Boy with a cogwheel.


  • The name he gives Murphy in Spokane is Emil Hunter, it's unknown if it's actually his real name.


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