The Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge, aka the Tappan Zee Bridge, is a cantilever bridge that crosses the Hudson River at its widest point.


The Tappan Zee Bridge opened in 1955. It is over 16,000 feet long and 90 feet wide.


After the outbreak, the bridge was overrun with zombies and strewn with abandoned vehicles.

During the events of "Fracking Zombies", the heroes cross the bridge, with Roberta Warren gleefully smashing through the massive amounts of zombies and wreckage from behind the wheel of an M35 2.5-ton military truck.


Locations by Episode (Season 1)
"Puppies and Kittens" Camp Blue SkyPortsmouth Naval Prison
Northern Light listening postMount Wilson Station
Sleepy Hollow High School
"Fracking Zombies" Jersey Devil RefineryTappen Zee Bridge
"Philly Feast" Philly Cannibal CompoundLiberty Bell
"Full Metal Zombie" Bandit RoadMcCandles' Tower

"Home Sweet Zombie"

Castle Point, MissouriRoberta's House
Castle Point Fire Department

"Resurrection Z" Province TownChurch of the Resurrected

"Welcome to the Fu-Bar"

S&S UnlimitedFu-Bar


Nebraska Small TownDr. Phibes Family Mortuary
"Die, Zombie, Die... Again" RuinsAddy's Basement
"Going Nuclear"

Edgemont, South DakotaEdgemont Nuclear Power Plant
Stubbins HomesteadMount Rushmore

"Sisters of Mercy" Sisters Of Mercy CampCIA Black Site

"Murphy's Law"

MESA Pharmaceuticals inc.

"Doctor of the Dead"

Fort Collins, Colorado

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