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”Summer School” is the third episode of the first season of Netflix’s original series, Black SummerIt premiered on April 11th, 2019. The episode was written and directed by Abram Cox.


Rose, Spears, Ryan and Lance find a refuge. Learning they're not alone, they're schooled on the dangers of following the heart rather than the head.


The episode starts with Rose, Spears, Ryan, and Lance finding an abandoned school building and see a man walking by holding a leash. The man (Earl) pays no attention to them. As they enter the school, they decide to get some medical supplies.

They walk into a music room to put the medical supplies. Ryan tries to play the drum, but is stopped by Rose. Lance plays the drum, but is stopped by Spears as the noise is able to attract zombies. Everybody decides to take a nap.

When they wake up, they hear footsteps coming from the second floor. They leave the music room and looks around in the hallways. After looking around, they see a small boy. The boy seems to be afraid as he runs away from the group. Ryan uses his sign language trying to know where the boy went.

Rose and Ryan began to search for the boy. They enter a basketball court and a P.E. changing room, but they leave immediately after getting nauseated upon seeing what appears to be corpses in the P.E. showers. With Rose no longer with Ryan, she tries to look for him, but she gets sidetracked by hearing cries of a kid (not the same boy that they saw earlier); so she manages to follow the sound.

Spears and Lance return to the music room to discover that their medical supplies have been stolen. They look around in the hallways and look for an unlocked door. They enter the Janitor's room to find a door key. Lance activates a tripwire and gets trapped inside.

Rose still looks for the crying child. She sees that it is coming from the restroom. She enters the restroom and thinks she has found the child, only to reveal that it was just a school megaphone attached to the toilet; as a result, it changes from crying to creepy laughter. As Rose tries to leave, the door is locked from the outside, and she struggles to get out.

Ryan sees the boy once again, but upon turning around, he sees teenagers holding weapons. The gang ties his hands and hides his head with a shirt, then take him to the room where the other teens are.

Spears hears the laughing megaphone coming from the restroom. He sees a plank attached to the door; upon kicking it off, he opens the door and sees Rose trying to get out, so he takes her out of the restroom as the megaphone laughs louder. Rose still has to find Ryan.

She and Spears encounter the teenagers. The leader asks Rose and Spears for the gun, but refuses. Rose finally sees Ryan; one of the teens remove the shirt from his head and untie his hands. The leader tells the boy to shoot Ryan when he moves. But since Ryan is deaf, he is unable to hear the leader. He moves, and Rose tells him not to, but the boy shoots Ryan's back, leading him into his demise.

As Ryan transforms, Rose and Spears run away from him. They enter a classroom, and finally sees the school exit. The man that Rose and Spears saw earlier helps them block the door by putting a table next to it to prevent the infected Ryan from chasing them. After the trio escape, the children kill the infected Ryan, reset their traps and leave the school door ajar for the next unsuspecting victims.



  • When Spears wakes up in the school and aims his pistol upward, you can see that the hammer of the pistol is slightly pulled back. This is a safety feature of the Beretta M9 where pulling the trigger to a certain point but not to discharge it, the hammer will stop at a "half-cock notch".
  • Spears can be seen wearing his name tape in one scene, and not in the next, it switches back and forth.