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  The Stage Manager
Stage Manager.jpg
Actor Keiko Green
Gender Female
Hair Black
Occupation Stage manager
First Appearance "We Interrupt This Program"
Last Appearance "We Interrupt This Program"
Cause of Death Given mercy by Roberta Warren
Status Dead
Series lifespan "We Interrupt This Program" to "We Interrupt This Program"
Ethnicity Asian

The Stage Manager was a production manager for Action News 9 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 


The Stage Manager was a production manager for Action News 9 at the Action News 9 studio, and was responsible for directing the news team during their broadcasts. She tended to be friendlier towards Carly McFadden than Jack Kingman, and this seems to be due mostly to Kingman 's aggressiveness.


While managing Renfro 's live interview in the studio, Renfro vomits onto the Stage Manager, causing her to scream and drop her headset. Renfro then collapses and zombifies, starting the infection within the building. At some point, the Stage Manager is zombified, and is trapped in the building for the next eight years. During the events of "We Interrupt This Program", the team gives mercy to the undead Stage Manager.