Spokane is a town in Washington.

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Background Edit

Spokane, also known as Lilac city, was the host to the 1974 world fair. One of the attendees was a young Alvin Murphy.

Post-Apocolypse Edit

The town is overrun by zombies and abandoned, and the only a few people left are Enders. The results in that there are still supplies such as medication and food available. The town also has a waterfall, witch gives clean water and the possibility for power.

The town was first visited by Murphys group in "Murphy's Miracle"

It's also here that Murphy decide to set up his "Kingdom" for the new world. Accompanied by 10K, Dr Marilyn Merch, and a few millitary men, he makes a home in an abandoned building, The Museum of Progress. Soon more people come to join, asking to become Blends.

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Note Edit

  • Spokane is the real life location for the reccording of Z Nation