The Sisters of Mercy Camp is featured in episode 11 "Sisters of Mercy".

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Sometime during the apocalypse, Helen, and her sister-wives lost their husband. They formed a group called the Sisters of Mercy. They were located up in a compound in Monticello, Utah. 

They were a self-righteous group who felt it was their mission to help women who came across them on the road, only allowing woman and children in to the compound as they deemed men to be evil due to the fact Helen's husband used to beat her. They lived a calm and sheltered life behind the walls, being able to grow their own food, have access to fresh water, the means to make penicillin and a selection of animals within the compound.  

When a boy raised within the compound turned thirteen, they were sent off to Salt Lake City to "find their dad." Excommunicating the boys was a certain death sentence and on the road, leading to the compound, the corpses of the dead boys can be found.  

They also had a zombie bear in their possession which they kept locked up in a barn inside the compound. They used it to punish men that they deemed to be evil by feeding them to the bear.  

During the nuclear fallout, Sam (one of the boys sent to "find their dad"), realized what Helen was doing and returned to the compound. He burned the whole place down and released the zombie bear, resulting in the majority (if not all) of the sisters being killed.   


  • Helen (Deceased)
  • Rachel (Most Likely Deceased)
  • Cheyenne (Most Likely Deceased
  • Tessa (Most Likely Deceased
  • Emmy (Most Likely Deceased)
  • Amy (Most Likely Deceased)
  • Lina (Most Likely Deceased)
  • Emmeline (Most Likely Deceased
  • Zina (Most Likely Deceased
  • Other Unnamed Women and Children
  • zombie bear

Former MembersEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The Sisters of Mercy are loosely based on the real life Amazons of ancient history. Known as the Oiorpata, the amazons were a Scythe group that lived along the Terme river in what is now modern day Samsun, Turkey. They were unparalleled sharp shooters with bow and arrow, and their cavalry tactics would one day be used by the Mongolian Horde centuries later. The Oiorpata did send their young sons to go live with the tribe of their fathers while the daughters stayed in Temyskira, the real 'Themyscira'. But men were not outlawed in the Oiorpata nation, or banned from being in it. The Oiorpata's fierce reputation came from them fighting the Greek slave traders who put in a hard slave trade around the Black Sea.
  • It is hinted throughout the episodes that the Sisters of Mercy were originally founded by Mormon sister-wifes.


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