Season 4
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Premiere September 29, 2017
Finale December 15, 2017
Channel Syfy
Episodes "Warren's Dream"
"Escape from Zona"
"The Vanishing"
"Keep Moving"
"Fear of the Unknown"
"Back from the Undead"
"A Nice Day for a Warren's Wedding"
"Crisis of Faith"
"We Interrupt This Program"
"Return to Mercy Labs"
"Mt. Weather"
"The Black Rainbow"
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Z Nation is returning to SyFy on Friday, September 29, 2017 at 9pm ET.

Season 4 will have 13 confirmed episodes. According to SyFy, there will be a time-leap of two years from where we left off the last episode of season 3. The season concluded on December 15, 2017.

"Warren's Dream"Edit

It's two years later. The last we saw our gang, Addy and Lucy had fallen off a cliff, followed by 5K, Doc, Sun Mei, 10K and Red were all pinned down, Murphy had been shot and the bullet passed right through him and into Roberta. And now, Roberta has woken up from a coma to find herself lying in an all-white room, wearing an all-white outfit, and with blonde hair. Murphy, cured of his zombie-ism and no longer blue, arrives and tells Roberta that she’s in Zona. She was in the coma for two years, and the rest of the team is dead.

Zona turns out to be a bizarre, Pleasantville-esque town of people wearing white. Murphy is a bit of a hero for bringing them his blood because it turns out the vaccine worked and everyone in Zona is free of the zombie virus. The real world, though, has fallen to pieces entirely.

Doc and 10K reunite in the woods, and head back to Red and 10K’s tree-tent. Doc wants Red and 10K to come with him to NewMerica. It's a place in Canada where it's too cold for zombies. Meanwhile, it turns out Addy, who now wears an eye patch is still a vigilante zombie hunter but is now working alongside Lucy, who's all grown up and blue.

Back in Zona, Murphy takes Roberta to a dinner at the home of the Founder . He's the one who saw the whole zombie apocalypse coming, and got the richest people in the world to come stay on Zona. Also he tested the vaccine on himself and looks a little crazy. It turns out that the Founder and all of these fancy people are looking forward to an event called "The Reset." It's not entirely clear what "The Reset" is, but it's soon and it's meant to keep the rich people alive and wipe out the unvaccinated humans and the zombies. When the founder reveals a chocolate volcano zombie cake and Roberta is asked to cut it, things go awry. She has a bit of a flashback to that hellscape she saw in the coma, and destroys that cake. She's really having a hard time in Zona. Roberta ditches Murphy and runs off. She dodges the Zona security, is fakey nice to people to avert them and escapes to a facility where she tries to leave Zona. But it turns out, she's trapped after all, because Zona is surrounded by water.

Addy and Lucy are evading both Zona soldiers and zombies, because it turns out the zombies are all still after Lucy's blood. These two seem to have a lot of fun together and are very close. Also, Lt. Mueller, is here as a soldier who believes human contact is very important and hugs people. He's in a refugee camp run by Sun Mei, keeping people around before they start the trek to NewMerica. Nobody is totally sure if NewMerica is real, but they feel like they all need to believe in something. Doc and 10K discuss the death of 5K. He fell to his death and even though both Red and 10K think they might have seen him standing, they’re trying to move on.

Addy and Lucy, meanwhile, are taken hostage by some dudes who kidnap them, tie them up, and toss them in the back of the truck.

In Zona, Murphy catches up with a passed out Roberta and they both realize something's gone wrong. And Dr. Harold Teller stops their ambulance. He has news for them but says there's no time to explain. Meanwhile a creepy scientist with glasses and who hangs out with The Founder, seems to have developed some kind of gas that is capable of setting zombies on fire.

"Escape from Zona"Edit

Roberta tried to escape Zona in the last episode but instead ended up with Murphy and now they’ve both been rescued by Dr. Teller, who isn’t totally down to tell them what’s happening, he just wants to get them out of Zona. He tries to lead them to a helicopter, and they finally stop him to find out what’s going on. And it’s not good news. The vaccine is failing and something very bad is happening to the citizens of Zona. It's not gonna go great if that place becomes overrun with zombies but it looks like it's happening. Meanwhile, in the woods of America: Addy and Lucy have been taken captive by the Zona squad and are hunkered down with them in a cabin. Up the road about 10 miles, Doc, 10K, Red and Sun Mei learn from Lt. Mueller that the convoy that was supposed to arrive to take them to Newmerica is delayed. And sort of missing; they’ve lost contact. The people are freaked out by it, but 10K and Doc decide to go along with the military dudes to find the convoy. As the team and the military dudes ride out to find the convoy, they come under fire by the guys who kidnapped Addie and Lucy. It turns out, there's no convoy at all. The vehicles have been abandoned. It’s like the people just disappeared.

If Murphy needed proof that things were taking a turn, it comes in the form of an insane golfer friend of Murphy's, who's beaten his partner to death. Things are swiftly deteriorating in Zona. Dr. Teller pulls Murphy and Roberta aside and tells them the horrible truth. That not only is the vaccine failing, but what happens is swift: anyone who got the virus goes crazy instantly and becomes homicidal. While Murphy and Roberta were never vaccinated, Dr. Teller definitely was.

Back at the firefight with team Henry Rollins, the Zona dudes force Addie and Lucy fire back at 10K. Under threat of death. So now Addie and 10k are shooting at each other. Which is bad because they're both excellent shots. Amazingly though, their bullets hit eachother in mid-air. When an army guy is hit, 10k and Doc decide to give their fallen comrade mercy and kill him (bullet through the head), but something strange happens. Even though the bullet goes through, he gets up! He's a Z! Dr. Teller sneaks Murphy and Roberta into the Founder's house to get them on the helicopter leaving the island. The Founder, clearly losing it, lectures them that they don't know the whole picture, and then Murphy and Roberta are able to sweet talk him into the helicopter ride. Once again, he mentions "The Reset." What is that? And what IS the whole picture? Just as he starts to get super violent and crazy, Dr. Teller tells Roberta to pay attention to her visions but she also tells Murphy that his daughter is alive. Then he attacks Roberta and they’re forced to kill him.

In the firefight trying to subdue the Z, Addie takes a bullet across the cheek. It's enough of a distraction that it allows Lucy to escape. Addie says she'll find her, but then…Lucy is taken! By the guys in black uniforms! Down the road a bit, Sun Mei wakes from a nap to find that the camp is empty. It seems to have cleared out entirely.

As Doc and 10K get back to the refugee camp, they realize it's just like the convoy - all the supplies are there, but it's deserted. Finally, In Zona, Murphy and Roberta make their way to the chopper just in time to lift off from the ground while a determined Addie begins a new chapter.

"The Vanishing"Edit

Murphy and Roberta have landed. On their way to find the rest of their team and Lucy, they make it happen in short order and find their way into the refugee camp near Flagstaff, Arizona. While awaiting the trip to Newmerica, everyone's still pretty freaked out that the rest of the refugees seem to have disappeared into thin air. When Lucy, Roberta, and Murphy show up, there’s another Z Nation reunion with Doc. They want to get a move on to the next stop, but 10K is still out in the woods looking for Red.

Something is definitely up with Roberta. She keeps facing east and having that nightmare about being set on fire. Also Lt. Mueller is unhappy about sticking around and wants to get them to Newmerica as soon as possible. Out in the woods, 10K uses a piece of glass to listen to his surroundings. He thinks he hears Red in the woods, but mostly it's just snakes and bees and things. A zombie attacks him, and he escapes, but something is definitely up with these woods.

Back at camp, everyone realizes that something or someone is watching them, and it might be invisible. Is this what took all the people from the camp. Lt. Mueller and Sgt. Lilley decide to leave the camp, but our team stays behind to wait for 10K. Some information is spread around pretty quickly: Lucy tells the gang what happened to Addy, that she was shot in the face and Lucy insists that Addy will find her. And Doc realizes that the firefight they were in earlier was between Addy and 10k. The world is topsy turvy. That’s when the gang finds a refugee named [[Burgess[[, hiding in a locker. They're able to get him to blink answers and learn that something came into the camp, it was invisible, and it was dangerous. He is traumatize.

Out in the woods, Lt. Mueller loses track of Sgt. Lilley and is attacked by that unkillable zombie soldier that they've been trying to kill for a while now. When 10K comes back to the camp, the team is distracted and the gang realizes that Burgess has gone. Worse, zombie Lt. Mueller turns up and he is completely unkillable. How has this happened to these zombies, no one knows. Ultimately, it’s Sgt. Lilley who turns up and shoots enough bullets to take him down. When they bury him, we realize that Lt. Mueller was actually Sgt. Lilley's father.

As everyone sets off for Newmerica, Roberta just keeps walking east. The rest of the team has no place else to go, and even Sgt. Lilley sees what a leader she is. Picking up her new Route 66 shield, Roberta leads the team east.

"A New Mission: Keep Moving"Edit

Our team has found themselves outside of Topeka, Kansas, in a 200 square mile parking lot. Warren knows she wants to get them east, but she's not sure how far. Keep in mind; Lucy can listen in on the thoughts of zombies. And it's been very difficult for her- the regular Z’s often ask for help, the Mad Z’s she can’t control. And it’s also very hard to kill them.

10K and Doc have a heart-to-heart about Red. She and 10K had a plan that they’d always leave each other a sign, and while 10K still has some hope that Red's alive, he feels torn about how to find her. Not much time to spare though, because the team is interrupted by rat zombies. Big terrifying ones. They manage to escape those, but in the chaos, the Zona black-ops team takes Lucy captive in an electrified net. As Murphy and Roberta battle to save her, Roberta has another vision of that weird hellscape. You'll remember that she was told by Dr. Teller to pay attention to these visions. But what is it that she’s seeing? What is this place?

And then a weird moment for Murphy. He’s wounded in the battle and somehow, when he tastes blood, something happens. Is he…turning Z again? The team then comes under attack from a bunch of Enders, who take all of their supplies. When they go to move on, the team realizes that Warren is still leading them. She’s unstoppable, and it’s getting difficult to handle. And so the team stages an intervention to tell Warren that they're not sure she's leading them the right way. She lets them in on her visions of that hellscape - where black ashen rain melts everything that it touches. Ultimately, it's not enough to go on for them and everyone takes a vote – keep going east or head north to Newmerica. The vote passes - they’re bound for Newmerica.

While making their way north, the team find a Z with a bunch of ammo and weapons attached to him. When they decide to take some, they realize he's booby-trapped. Sgt. Lilley is able to diffuse the bomb, and they're loaded up with ammo again. But they’re instantly attacked by a mad Z. Superhero Warren, running with her Z Nation Route 66 shield, has seen a beacon and takes off. Leaving behind the team, she rushes toward it and while climbing, has déjà vu. She's been here before. Maybe wearing a different costume, but this feels like a memory.

When Lucy finds another zombie booby-trapped to a bunch of grenades, she refuses to leave her. She and Murphy argue over the girl's fate and when Lucy won't leave, Murphy gives mercy to the Z. They all make it away just in time for the grenade to go off and while Murphy is glad that Lucy is safe – she rejects him completely.

Also, yep, Murphy is definitely developing a taste for human flesh…again. That's not good at all. The team listens in to the radio and learn that Kaia is alive up at the Northern Lights, but Citizen Z's fate is still unknown. While they were definitely all in agreement to head toward Newmerica, Warren says she can't go. true to form, Operation Bitemark stays united and they all move east.

" The Unknowns"Edit

The team keeps walking east, following the lead of Roberta Warren. She's not sure where to get to, but she knows she's walking toward that black rainbow she keeps seeing in the hellscape vision she's having. The gang comes across an abandoned truck on the road, and it turns out to be a trap. Before long, a terrifying noise knocks them all to the ground, unconscious.

When the Eastbound group wakes up, they find themselves confined to coffin-like boxes. Every so often, the boxes are moved and the gang wake up to find themselves performing tasks. Every task the team has to perform has them paired with another person who might try to kill them. In one task, Roberta has to clear an elevator. Just as she's about to finish the job, the noise goes off again and knocks her out. It begins happening over and over again. In another task, 10K and Doc have to turn off some green gas by sharing only one gas mask. In yet another, Sarge has to avoid a rapist while killing Z’s. All of the tasks end with the noise knocking everyone out and they go back to their coffins.

Finally, Lucy uses her abilities to communicate with the zombies and the team does what no other taskers have done before: find their way to a cage with food. Roberta and the gang find a way to draw a map with the dog food. The noise goes off again, but the team manages to memorize their escape plan together.

After running through the maze of rooms under the bunker, the team makes their escape. They run as fast as they can from the bunker and soon find themselves back in front of the truck that kidnapped them in the first place. They don't know what that place was, and they're not planning to stick around to find out. Murphy was bitten by a zombie, and looks like he's turning Z again. And so, the team continues to head east. Exhausted but ready to take on more.

"Back from the Undead"Edit

Now that they have a new set of wheels, Warren is driving like a woman possessed. And maybe she is. The team is just outside of Eerie, Indiana and with Murphy spiraling out of control, pretty much dying and turning zombie in the backseat; they all arrive at a scientific facility called Bio-Mod. Concerned that he might turn, the gang gets Murphy inside and takes a look at his zombie bite. It doesn't look good. As Doc and 10K consider that they might need to mercy Murphy, Lucy gets an idea, to save her father, she's going to bite him.

This turns out to be a mistake. While it does, yes, save Murphy, biting people to make them better seems to be what's making Lucy age so fast. As they realize this is what’s happening, they also realize that Warren is gone. Roberta has gone off exploring the lab. And she's uncovered a pretty insane place. Zombie parts in Petrie dishes, some notebooks about grafting people together.

Warren comes across a locked cabinet. Not knowing how she knows, she enters the right code and finds a canister of gas. Turns out, everything is coming in handy as she knows how to dismount it. But this gross laboratory place keeps getting worse and worse. As 10K and Sarge go off looking for Roberta, they wonder if she brought them there on purpose. She is, after all, leading them somewhere they can’t really understand. Finally, when they've been gone too long, Doc goes off after them.

It goes really badly for Doc. He's always had a thing about fingers, but this time, a zombie finger jumps up and goes right into his abdomen. 10K and Sarge jump in to cut it right out. It's gross and insane. As Doc and 10K and Sarge move their way through the facility, they come across a Frankenzombie. The three of them try to battle the Frankenzombie, but to no avail. It’s finally Roberta who saves them when she arrives on the scene, looking for Dr. Edgar Caligari. It turns out; he was trying to graft a working hand onto himself, but was enveloped by zombie cells and became the Frankenzombie. He confirms they're on the right track, he doesn't know how, but he knows Roberta is leading them wisely. He asks them for mercy and they provide it.

Meanwhile, Murphy wakes up feeling much better and realizes what's happened. Lucy has bitten him several times to save his life.

" Warren's Wedding"Edit

There’s some tension in the ranks because they realize they’re still just sort of following Roberta’s blind hunches. When they find themselves outside of Detroit, Michigan at the Mystery Hill Carnival, it’s one of the first times that everyone questions Roberta’s judgment. While she tells them not to get involved, they decide to rescue a woman who reveals she was tied up there by the carnival inhabitants: namely the zuggalos (zombie-era juggalos).

Even though Roberta says they should just move on, Murphy is resolved to do something about the insane clown posse-loving murderers in the carnival funhouse and marches off to investigate. Roberta knows they’ll get sucked into whatever nonsense this is, and sure enough, as soon as they’re inside, they’re all roped into the terrifying circus games. And Roberta, all the while, is still having her visions. Every time someone is killed, she sees it in that terrifying hellscape with the black rainbow.

Murphy is hooked up to a high voltage machine, 10K is on a spinning board with knives thrown at him, and Doc is put in a face hole as pool balls are thrown at his face. Roberta plays a game with the King Zuggalo called "Drink for Your Life", where she has to answer trivia about The Insane Clown Posse. Roberta reveals herself to know a lot about the Insane Clown Posse and the King of the Zuggalos takes a new interest in her. They get into a rap battle and because she's good at it, she ends up his fiancée. Not because she wants to be, but because he says so. She's about to be their Zuggalo Queen. A zuggalo wedding involves blood rites and the traditional "sharing of the bride." But the whole thing is interrupted by Sgt. Lilley and the former Queen of the Zuggalos, Janice.

She decides she likes Roberta for her son, but the gang of zuggalos gets involved in a family feud about who's going to run the clan. They haul out the zombie patriarch, and then get into a fistfight over it. In the commotion, Murphy is able to connect the electrocution machine to the King and his mom and gives them a firm talking-to about parenthood. And some electric jolts.

When it goes too far and most of the posse becomes juggalo zombies, the team find themselves able to leave pretty quickly. Roberta confesses she doesn't know what they're doing and that since her hallucinations still don't make any sense to her, the team should just proceed to Newmerica.

"Crisis of Faith"Edit

Way up north, where Citizen Z used to broadcast night and day, Kaya in the Sky-a is fixing the Northern Lights Station when she realizes that Zona forces are moving in on them. She takes Nana and her baby, JZ into a panic room where they can hide, and try desperately to contact help. But alas, her cries fall on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, Operation Bitemark, our team of intrepid heroes, make their way to a church near the Canadian border. It seems like a safe place to hide, but it turns out to be surprisingly difficult to escape from. Murphy, Doc, 10K and Sgt. Lilley fight a group of zombie nuns hiding in the top of the church balcony. And that's just the start of their trouble. There’s a zombie hockey team, some zombie SCTV characters, and a whole lot of other hosers they have to worry about.

When Roberta claims that their new course could be leading them even further into the hellscape that is her fiery nightmares, Murphy mind-melds with her. And they end up in a gorgeous field together. It doesn't last. Soon, Murphy begins to see the fire and ash she's talking about and when he bursts into flame, he starts to believe her. What she’s going through is excruciating, and Murphy feels bad for not taking her as seriously as he might have.

As the gang continues to look for a way out of the church, they come across someone ringing a bell in the tower. They unmask him and meet Luis, who seems to be collecting artifacts, though they think he's a grave robber. After some interrogation, they learn he's looking for a relic: the finger bone of St. Theresa, that’s said to be buried in this church. The bone is rumored to heal the sick and Luis has been collecting a lot of artifacts, led here by dreams and visions. The more he talks about it, the more his faith seems to inspire Roberta that her visions actually do mean something. Luis turns out to bond with pretty much everyone, actually.

Because a zombie hockey player dropped down into the crypt with them, the zombie disease infects the priest inside the crypt and he comes to life. There’s a terrible fight and once the zombie priest dies, Luis takes his artifact. And it’s not the right one. This isn’t what he was looking for. Worse, now the team is stuck in the catacombs. They know it'll take a miracle to get them out, when suddenly, the bells start to ring again. The zombies are starting to leave. When the team makes their way up into the church, they find a little girl who looks just like Lucy, holding the relic that Luis was looking for.

When Luis offers them all something for their help, the team wind up with a battery that can fire up the radio they use to contact the Northern Lights station. They get a signal from Kaya in the Sky-a but she can't hear them. They can only hear her. And so, back to the US they go, looking for a transmitter, no longer destined for Newmerica.

"We Interrupt This Program"Edit

Operation Bitemark finds its way into Green Bay, Wisconsin, looking for a transmitter that might help them get in touch with Kaya at The Northern Lights Station. They find a good place where that might happen: The Channel 9 Action News station. Some flashbacks tell us what happened to the news station as the zombie apocalypse started. The story focuses on Carly McFadden, who gets her big break as a news anchor alongside a jerky news anchor guy, Jack Kingman, who constantly undermines her efforts. In the present, the team finds some gasoline that can fire up a generator in the station, which hasn't been opened since the apocalypse started. The Action 9 News Team is all still here, running around the station as zombies. So, we know how that went.

Back in the past, the news team reels as the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse start to take hold outside the station at the scene of a plane crash. They don't know what they have on their hands…yet. The news team decides to put Mike Renfro, the reporter who's been turned into a zombie, on the air. And it goes terribly as he attacks the news producers and turns everyone Z, including Kingman, who later, in the present, attacks Murphy, Doc and 10K. Finally they finally give him mercy.

Meanwhile, up in the Northern Lights Station, Citizen Z tells Kaya and Nana that his plane crashed Killing Uncle Kaskae, and he made his way back to meet his son, JZ. Citizen Z finds out that the new Z's are smarter and faster and can't be killed as he and Kaya investigate who's in the station, they come across a lot more Z's than they're used to. They also find the man with the plan, Mr. Sunshine from Zona. And he seemed to be part of the whole plan that all those creepy Zona scientists were up to.

Back in Green Bay, Operation Bitemark make their way to the roof of the news station to find the transmitters so they can communicate with the Northern Lights Station. As per usual, they're pursued by zombies. In a flashback, Carly also makes her way up the stairs to the roof, pursued by zombies. As the team makes their way to the roof, we learn the fate of Carly McFadden: She stayed on the roof reporting the news,waiting for news chopper 9 to pick her up, but the chopper crashed just outside the news building, stranding Carly and leaving her to die and reanimate alone. Back in the present, the reanimated Carly attacks the gang and ends up dead, mercied by Roberta Warren.

Kaya finds the creepy Zona guy in the control room, transmitting information. He says it's time for him to go and while she tries to stop him, instead she runs off to help Citizen Z. They figure out what he was looking for: information on disks labeled "Black Rainbow". When Citizen Z and Kaya in the Sky-a get in touch with Operation Bitemark, there's a lot of excitement to be in touch again. When they find out that Black Rainbow is on the file disks, Roberta is clear: they're on the right path. Zona is looking for the black rainbow she's seeing in her visions.


Operation Bitemark has found their way to Chicago, and find it to be in bad shape. For many years, all the chemicals that have been used to try and stop the zombie apocalypse have basically corrupted the natural order of everything and now, Lake Michigan has been covered the place in a thick green foam. When Doc and Murphy make their way into a barbershop to rest, they bump into a blast from the past: Sketchy and Skeezy have made it to Chicago.

As the owner of the barbershop offers them all haircuts, Doc starts to get wind that something is up. Sketchy and Skeezy seem to be trying to warn Murphy and Doc about something. And it turns out, the barber in this joint sure does seem to want to kill them. And it’s also true that there's a sniper upstairs and zombies in the basement. So the whole thing is definitely a set up.

Eventually, Doc figures out that the barber is actually a con man he knew back in the day. A guy who robbed Doc and even stole his underwear. This whole thing is a set up to rob people passing through. Ultimately, 10K and Sgt. Lilley show up to help, and even though our team has gotten out of way worse scrapes than this, not even they seem to be able to help anyone. After some misadventures including an overly tan zombie, the team realizes that Sketchy and Skeezy seem to be trying to swindle them out of something. And while they try to figure out what to do about it.

A new pair of robbers show up, also from a past season. The guys that Skeezy and Sketchy swindled by biting. There's a quick dudes-kissing-other-dudes joke, and Skeezy is sent back out into the world. Ultimately, the gang tricks all of the bad guys into opening the trap door full of Z's in the basement downstairs. This leads to the downfall of both the new bad guys, and the old bad guys.

Meanwhile, this whole time, Roberta Warren has been fighting her way through the green foam and following someone who seems to be either escaping or beckoning her. When she finally catches up to him, she unmasks him to realize it’s the long-since-dead Harold Teller. He takes off his mask and tells her that everything depends on her, before vanishing. Reunited, Operation Bitemark heads out of Chicago, on the way to their next adventure.

"Return to Mercy Labs"Edit

The team has made a habit of following Roberta Warren for a long time now. And while it’s gotten them into all kinds of adventures, even she isn’t sure where she’s heading now. As they head out of Chicago, and end up walking across Illinois, the good people of Operation Bitemark finally make it to a place they’ve been before: a factory outside of Springfield, Illinois. The same place where an epic battle went down with Doctor Harold Teller, his zombie wife and their son, Andrew .

It's hardest for 10K most of all, because this is where he met Red and where he taught 5K to use a slingshot. Doc tries to make him feel better, but 10K continues on as his stoic self into the factory, following Roberta. When they ask her what’s inside she says, cryptically that she hopes she finds out. Either way, she’s following her hunch deep into the factory. She knows that whatever is here, it's going to tell her whatever this Black Rainbow plan is and hopefully how to stop it. Roberta is desperate for answers, and her dreams are still leading her and the team down some long roads.

This lab has bad memories. It was where Murphy learned that zombies can feel things and ask questions. That they have inner voices. Dr. Teller's zombie wife, in particular, was asking about their son. And it turns out that now that they’re here, they’ve discovered that Dr. Teller sealed their son (Andrew) in a glass box on life support. Murphy says he understands: he'd give anything to keep Lucy frozen in time.

Meanwhile, Roberta and 10K go off in search of whatever Roberta’s dreams are telling her. As long as she follows the dream, she can find her way, and seek out the canisters she needs. Finally, when the dream starts to fail her, she asks 10K to punch her, because that’s what triggers the dreams most. It’s hard to do, but ultimately it helps, and she ends up with more of those weird gas canisters.

Meanwhile, up at the Northern Lights station, Kaya and Citizen Z thwart that rough zombie they just can't kill. And are looking for any information they can find on Black Rainbow. Once they go through all the actual files in the place, they learn that Black Rainbow is actually a "fourth strike weapon". Sgt. Lilley is able to get the radio enough power to get the message from Citizen Z and Kaya, but it keeps cutting out. Roberta finally makes one of her most difficult choices, divert the power from Andrew's life support to the radio so they can speak with Kaya and Citizen Z. When Sarge can't do it, Roberta offers to do the deed, and gives him mercy.

Citizen Z and Roberta and both teams put it all together. What they're up against is a fourth strike weapon. That means: after the apocalypse, there's another wave coming to wipe out everything else. Black Rainbow is the "reset" that Zona was working on. In order to shut down the Black Rainbow plan, the team needs to go to the launch site and shut it down with the thumbprint of the President. And so, they head out in the van, on their way to Washington DC.

"Mt. Weather"Edit

On their quest to find the thumbprint of the President of the United States, the gang heads to Mt. Weather, Virginia, where the government has gone to wait out the apocalypse in a secret underground bunker. When they approach a vehicle with the Presidential seal on it, the person they think is the President turns out to have been eaten by his own zombified Secret Service detail; there's no thumbprint or even a hand. However, it turns out that the corpse is actually the President's husband.

The gang makes their way into the underground bunker and basically kill what's left of the zombified Congress. Finally, the gang comes across the President, who knows her husband is dead and has two remaining Secret Service agents, both named Agent Johnson. However, it turns out that the current President has no thumbs. A few days prior, Mr. Sunshine from Zona turned up, drugged the Secret Service agents, and took her thumbs. It turns out that they need the thumbs of the President from when the apocalypse started: Bill Carney. He's a zombie now and he's 25 levels down. Before the team set off to find the President, they are shown a video about Black Rainbow and learn that it's an Cold War-era fourth-strike weapon that rains down flesh-eating bacteria and rids the world of all living creatures to defend U.S. interests, even when the U.S. no longer exists.

The gang travels down to the 25th floor of the bunker, which is filled with the zombified staff of the West Wing and the cast of Hamilton. As per usual, the gang constructs a pretty serious plan: they're going to bring the zombies into an empty room and kill them one at a time until they find the one they're looking for. That’s when they realize that Warren is missing. She’s made her way further down in the zombie bunker, where she finds the President they actually need in a press briefing room, complete with a teleprompter stating that the zombie virus is under control.

With the zombie President in tow, the gang prepares to head to Washington, D.C. and Warren mentions that they'll be going to stop Black Rainbow. That’s when the current President turns on them and the Secret Service pull their guns. As Commander-in-Chief, the President tells Sarge to assist Agents Johnson and Johnson in taking Operation Bitemark prisoner. Sarge is torn, as she has grown attached to Operation Bitemark, but she’s also a Marine and she took an oath to obey her Commander-in-Chief.

Finally, the gang learns that the President is hell-bent on the Reset. She's headed to Zona and taking Sarge with her. At the last minute, Sarge realizes that the President's orders are manifestly unjust and thus illegal, and kills the President as the Secret Service agents shoot each other. 10K and Sarge take out the zombie Secret Service agents, and as Warren kills the zombie version of the President, she sees another vision of the black rainbow. She knows where to go now, Washington DC.

"The Black Rainbow"Edit

Operation Bitemark has made their way to Washington, DC: the final stop on this particular trail. Roberta Warren needs to find a way into the secret bunker that holds what she's been looking for: the fourth strike weapon called "Black Rainbow." Using a method in direct homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark, the team makes their way into the bunker with the zombified President in tow. They have a single goal: to find the control room for the fourth strike weapon (Black Rainbow) that will destroy all life on Earth and shut it down using the zombie President's thumbprints.

What they find is a place full of zombies who were always just trained to kill. There's even a sign that says that. Also in this bunker is Mr. Sunshine from Zona, who's been all over North America, even dropping in on Citizen Z.

A flashback reveals where Roberta's visions have been coming from all along. It turns out that while she was in her coma, Dr. Harold Teller woke her up and gave her all kinds of training to defeat the zombie apocalypse. He's come up with a cure and all the visions she's had throughout have been the result of her training. The canisters, and how to put them where they need to go, was implanted in her subconscious by Dr. Teller, and the canisters are a cure for the bacteria in the drone.

In the flashback, Dr. Teller shows Warren the canisters. She's been collecting them and imagining them all along, and now the time has come to load them into the drone and send them on their way to cure everyone. Knowing what she has to do, Warren instructs Murphy and Doc to activate the drone when she sends the signal, and then says her goodbyes to the team. She always knew this would be a one-way trip. Warren then goes to the hangar, easily defeats Mr. Sunshine as he was loading canisters into the drone, and swaps out the canisters in the drone for her own. The team does as they're told and the countdown begins once Warren attaches the canisters and signals to the team, but something's not right.

As Warren is climbing out of the drone, Mr. Sunshine attacks her and knocks her to the floor, triggering another flashback. That's when Roberta remembers the truth. While Dr. Teller told her that she was the answer to everyone's prayers, all that training had been so that she could deliver the Reset, the Black Rainbow, and kill every living creature on the planet to allow Zona to colonize the remains. It is revealed that Roberta was the Reset all this time. As Murphy battles Mr. Sunshine, accidentally breaking open a canister and spraying Murphy and Mr. Sunshine with the contents, the team watch as Warren climbs into the drone to try and unhook the canisters, but she can only remove one, ensuring that the drone is half-loaded with flesh-eating bacteria.

The drone flies off into the sky; as it climbs into the atmosphere, hundreds of miniature drones pour out of it and begin to spread in an arch, in an identical fashion to Warren's visions. As the drones begin to spread, Doc found out that Murphy's skin is now red. Warren is trapped in the drone as it eventually loses power and plunges into a steep dive towards a mountainside.


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Z NATION - Z Nation Returns in 2017 - SYFY

Z NATION - Z Nation Returns in 2017 - SYFY

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