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Season 1
Z nation season 1.jpg
Premiere September 12, 2014
Finale December 5, 2014
Channel Syfy
Episodes "Puppies and Kittens"
"Fracking Zombies"
"Philly Feast"
"Full Metal Zombie"
"Home Sweet Zombie"
"Resurrection Z"
"Welcome to the Fu-Bar"
"Die, Zombie, Die... Again"
"Going Nuclear"
"Sisters of Mercy"
"Murphy's Law"
"Doctor of the Dead"
Season 2

Season 1 of Z Nation consists of thirteen episodes. It premiered on September 12, 2014, and concluded on December 5, 2014.


"Puppies and Kittens"[]

in 2017, The President is dead; the ZN1 Zombie virus has taken over the earth, and is being called an “extinction-level” event. Our hero, Lt. Mark Hammond, is rushing to rescue the last doctor working to create a vaccine for zombie-ism, just as new orders come that everyone evacuating to California. An NSA nerd named Simon is helping get the chopper to his location.

As Mark arrives in the doctor’s office, he finds three prisoners being infected with a strain of zombie vaccine. It doesn’t work for the first two, and they’re killed, but for the last one? Wait! Maybe! Some confusion ensues as the zombies attack, and Mark evacuates the Doctor and puts her on the chopper, just as he goes back for that last prisoner. Meanwhile, Simon gets left behind in the Northern Lights zombie attack station as the plane waiting on the runway leaves without him and subsequently crashes after a few seconds of flight.

2018 A year later, in upstate New York, we join the funeral of Nana. See, in a future where zombies attack, funerals are pre-planned events wherein people are shot in the head for mercy. In this case, Roberta does the honors when she receives a call that someone is out by the river. She joins fellow survivor Charles Garnett and the two wait for the men in the boat to roll up to shore. When they do, they look familiar -- It’s Mark! And he has Murphy (Prisoner #3!) with him, now identified as the “last best chance to save humanity.” Mark also mentions he heard about the camp from an ex-cop at a prison down the road (an oblique reference).

Back at the Northern Lights station, Simon is chatting with his mousey girlfriend, who turns out to be a recording from long ago, pre-zombie apocalypse. A call comes in – the government needs to know where Mark and Murphy are and “operation bite-mark” is a failure. Meanwhile, Roberta and Charles decide to help get Mark and Murphy to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

And now we meet Addy, Mack and some other survivors, who are getting some ammunition tips from a peddler of such things. Addy decides on an aluminum bat with spikes in it while Doc trades for aspirin. They’re attacked by some zombie brothers and kill them dead, and keep moving on. Then something sort of impressive happens. It appears as though the zombies are organized! They rush the camp from their position as pretending to be dead in the river. This worries Roberta and Charles when they call back to camp, but Mark decides to show them the zombie bites on Murphy. Doc turns up on the radio; the camp (Blue Sky) has been over-run by zombies. While Addy and Mack and Doc flee for their lives, Mark and Roberta and Charles and Murphy come back for them. Now everyone’s on the run.

The team pulls up to the rendezvous station outside a high school, and learn that everyone’s been over-run by zombies. They hear a baby inside, and this one looks like it’s not a zombie! They also save Cassandra, who has been locked in a cage hiding from zombies for two days. She tells the team that the school was overrun by survivors and then zombies attacked. The team decides that they’ll take the baby to the next outpost, and raid the place for supplies. Someone seems to be watching them from a sniper’s rifle. But who? Well, whoever it was, saves Doc’s life from the roof. Then a ton of zombies attack, and somehow the baby get turned into a zombie! Mark goes in to find the baby and kill it, while the rest of the team debate leaving him there for good.

When Mark finds the zombie baby, he is attacked by both the baby and the mother, who eat him to pieces. The team shoots Mark, and the mom and baby zombie dead. Everyone has been “shown mercy.” The team stands around the high school parking lot considering what to do, and while they’re doing so, Simon interrupts! He’s made contact! He learns that Hammond is dead, and asks if the package is safe. Since Charles is in charge now, Simon brings them up to speed on Operation Bite-mark, which is getting Murphy alive to California. Charles decides that they’re on board, and they stop on the way out of the high school to pick up 10K, the sharpshooter who saved Doc’s hide. Finally, Simon starts a radio station and becomes “Citizen Z” - and finally, Murphy’s tooth falls out. But what does it mean?

"Fracking Zombies"[]

Citizen Z starts off trying to get in touch with the CDC's Mount Wilson Station, but they’re under attack by zombies. In order to get them out, he needs to fry their mainframe remotely, but doing so will erase all of the data files in the place, including the information on the vaccine. As he watches zombies storm in, he executes the command, deleting even Murphy’s file as the Mount Wilson Command Center falls.

Meanwhile, the team is stranded by the side of the road when one of their vehicles runs out of gas. Additionally, they need to pull a zombie out from under a tire. But as two motorcycle guys go by, Cassandra hides her face. As Citizen Z realizes that someone is inbound to the Northern Light listening station and it could be people or it could be zombies, he arms himself. Meanwhile, the team stops by a shopping mall to look for gas and supplies. While there, Travis, one of the bikers they saw on the road earlier turns up and says that there could be gas at a refinery in New Jersey.

The team heads to the refinery while Citizen Z battens down his hatches in the arctic listening station. As a zombie on a dogsled arrives, Citizen Z shoots the zombie but realizes the dog is still alive. Unfortunately, while this sled-dog is not dead, another of the dogs is undead.

As the team pulls into the refinery, they realize that it looks more like a "zombie factory." That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but whatever is inside the place is something the zombies want. The team can smell gasoline so they know that it’s there and thus decide that they’re going to go inside and check the place out, but also it’s possible they can steal a gasoline tanker. From past experience, Cassandra knows that zombies like high-pitched noises—like the music box she wears as a necklace.

As Cassandra and Travis the biker go up to the top of the staircase, he tells her that she needs to "come home." Meanwhile, Addy and Mack are close behind, and cavalierly killing zombies on their way up. When they get the machine at the top of the refinery jammed, they learn that the zombies are falling into a pit of oil. Meanwhile, the zombies are also drawn to Cassandra’s music box.

As Roberta and Charles fill up the tanker truck, Murphy and Doc play cards and tell their backstories. Murphy lies, saying that he volunteered for the zombie virus trial. Up on top of the gas station, Cassandra and Travis fight about the fact that she’s never going home and the Travis asks, “What happens when I tell them what you are?”.

Back in the listening station up north, Citizen Z is playing a game of cat and mouse with two dogs. The good dog seems just as afraid of the zombie dog as Citizen Z is, and he is running all over the place with his gun. Back at the refinery, zombies are everywhere as Doc fights them off. 10K the sharpshooter picks them off but Murphy drives off in the suburban before Doc can get back in.

As the zombies close in around them, Charles tells Roberta and the others to go while he saves Murphy. Meanwhile, Travis the biker holds Cassandra hostage at the top of the building and tells her it’s time to go home. She kicks him off the top of the structure, and zombies get to his body on the ground below. Citizen Z eventually kills the zombie dog. After Murphy crashes the truck, a fire erupts which ignites the fuel truck - along with all the fuel they were after in the first place. With the mission a bust, the team leaves the refinery as the zombies begin to catch fire. 10K manages to score them a couple gas cans full of fuel, Addy gets her bat back, and Citizen Z locates them thanks to the explosion. He accesses a payphone via the NSA’s listening grid, and advises the team to continue heading west "until they hit ocean."

As the team roll on to their next adventure, two bikers show up at the refinery and recognize the (now zombie) Travis and "mercy" him, presumably hot on the trail of Cassandra.

"Philly Feast"[]

Staring in a flashback, we get to see a bit of Cassandra’s past. At one point she was a member of the Philadelphia cannibal survivor group, in which she would lure men into trailers with the promise of sex - only to assist in robbing them and adding them to the group's cannibalistic "food" supply. Now, in the present, she’s riding with Roberta and Charles into Philadelphia. They find a truck with the liberty bell attached to the back of it and when they open the door to steal it, a zombie pops out. After 10K quickly neutralizes the threat, the group appropriates the truck and drives off with the Liberty Bell, but are quickly diverted when the truck swerves to miss an oncoming zombie attack. The bell falls off and kills several zombies, but somehow no one utters the phrase "give me liberty, or give me death."

Back at Northern Light, Simon cooks steak for his new found canine friend. He mentions that there is a massive supply of food there, including several different cuts of steak. Back in Upper Darby, PA, the Philly cannibals are gathered around a table for another gruesome meal when one of the members of the “family” comes back and tells their leader, Tobias, that Cassandra has been located. Meanwhile, our fearless team of zombie hunters is finishing the last of the food they’ve found (mostly Twinkies). They decide to split up and look for food and some kind of antenna dish that Addy can use to contact Citizen Z. Addy and Mack find a police cruiser with a working radio and end up killing a cop-zombie along with his zombie detainee. Doc, 10K and Cassandra have a conversation about porn while securing a satellite dish and Cassandra runs off when she realizes that her “family” have found her. When Cassandra gives them the slip by ducking behind a dumpster, they decide to kidnap Addy instead, banking on the idea that the group will be willing to make the desired trade.

Simon manages to connect with the police radio in time to hear Addy being abducted, and is then able to relay this information to Mack upon his return rather than having him think she has been bitten. Mack then grabs Addy’s camera and beats a hasty retreat as more zombies attack. Tobias tells Addy not to be afraid and plays an eerie tune on a small organ, then offers her some meat of unknown origin. Addy says she’s not hungry, and is not interested in joining their group - at which time the other two girls take her off to get some new clothes.

The team confronts Cassandra because Addy’s camera reveals that one of her abductors was Travis from the refinery - which means Cassandra is implicated. She cracks and tells them about Tobias, the leader of the “Family,” and describes them as being worse than zombies: they are cannibals. They don't eat dead people as corpses are infected with the zombie virus, they capture live people and slowly cut off their flesh. The group decides to go and rescue Addy while back at the Upper Darby compound the "Family" sits down to what is now known to be a rather gruesome meal. As Addy is given an impossible ultimatum, the rest of her group rolls up and Charles gets into a stand off with Tobias after he signals 10K to kill "family" member Bernt. Finally Cassandra approaches and offers herself as a prisoner swap for Addy.

Back at the truck, the team assembles to discuss what’s next, and whether or not they should go back and rescue Cassandra. They call up Citizen Z from the police radio and ask him to play some zombie-attracting music. They then put their plan into effect by sending Doc in to pose as a "john" looking for a good time with an exotic girl. As Cassandra is sent into the trailer with him, he tells her to follow his lead. As the "family" hears the team approaching with music blasting, the diversions works: Cassandra and Doc are able to kill one of the guards and she tasers Tobias in the mouth.

The Westward-bound group rides into the Upper Darby compound with a zombie hoard and rescues Cassandra and Doc. Tobias haphazardly attempts to hide in the room where the food supply is being held captive, and as the zombies overrun the compound they detain him and seal his somewhat ironic fate. The team rides out of Philadelphia intact, and listening to the music that Citizen Z is playing for them. Addy and Cassandra seem to have developed a close bond from their shared experience, which seems to worry Mack somewhat.

"Full Metal Zombie"[]

Our zombie heroes, the saviors of humanity, Murphy’s escorts to sunny California find themselves in Pennsylvania Dutch Country killing some Amish zombies. The team talk about how the Z virus is spread – birds maybe? And 10K tells the team that he had to kill his own father, whom he refers to as “it” after his father turned and the body became a Z. As they all move on, things get worrisome when they’re chased by some humans in a punch buggy.

Shortly thereafter they come across a group of zombies who are really some humans dressed as zombies. It’s a brilliant if needlessly complicated plan! The people who are pretending to be zombies pull guns and say they want to take the truck. They ride off with it and the team is left with the VW bug.

Citizen Z updates us with who’s died and who everyone is, and it turns out that he has a little crush on Addy. As the team rolls up on the people who stole their truck, they find a family who are now robbing them of the truck. Everyone wants a piece of that truck. When they find that family dead, the team decides: they really have to get off this road. Back in the listening station up north, Citizen Z keeps the hope alive for himself as he finally hears from the Zombie team, speaking through a camera in a drive thru. Citizen Z positive ID’s Murphy, and the team asks for alternate modes of transportation. Citizen Z tells them about a potential chopper location. The team head out for the Emergency Headquarters for Infection Control. Everyone there is dead except for a sentry who calls them raggedy-ass, and when they claim they have important information about the Z virus, he says they need drugs. Then the sentry takes all of the oxycontin that Doc has in his possession and takes them to The General.

Turns out, the General has lost his mind. Charles decides to use this to his advantage and tells the General that the doctor can help. When Doc goes in, he finds the General has a terrible bite. Doc is an honest guy and so he tells the General that he’s going to die, and soon. The General throws him down an airshaft. But Doc doesn't die! He gets caught in some cables, right alongside a Z who is also caught (but far enough away he can't get to Doc).

Back at the listening center, Addy and Citizen Z have a Facebook chat where she flirts with him. But it turns out, he’s using her Facebook page to chat with himself - he's just posing as her. Meanwhile, back at the EHIC, the team hears Doc screaming in the airshaft, and enter the building with the guard who says they’ll be sorry. Doc, on the other hand, chooses to get stoned with the zombie.

In a flashback, 10K agrees to give his father mercy when he dies, which is going to be any minute. Back in the present, 10K kills another zombie. Meanwhile, in the elevator shaft, Doc and the zombie are high as kites, and Doc reveals he has a kid somewhere in the world. That’s a surprise.

And meanwhile, in the General’s office, The General seems to have completely lost his mind, talking on a satellite phone calling in air strikes and berating the President of the United States. Murphy has a panic attack in the elevator and rushes out, and the team doesn’t have time to stop him when the elevator door closes. When the door opens on the next floor, they get off to go look for him. Meanwhile, Cassandra, Addy and Jake are attacked by a Z, whom they kill. In the airshaft, Doc finds something sharp and kills the zombie he’s gotten stoned with. Murphy hears him yelling but is also a coward, so he doesn’t help him. The team kills a bunch zombies, running out of ammo in the process, and then reunite just in time for a giant zombie to show up. Mack shoots it in the head and then the rest of them get in a hand-to-hand fight where they repeatedly strike it in the head to kill it but it won't die. Garnett, while struggling with it, pulls the pin on a grenade it wearing and Addy pushes it down the airshaft with the live grenade attached to it. Oh no! Doc!

Everyone mourns Doc, and then quickly move on to find the helicopter. They meet the General, who pulls a bazooka on them. He pulls the trigger but it's empty, to their relief. The General pretty quickly agrees to help them, because that’s the thing about crazy people in high places, they are super unpredictable. The helicopter is a wreck, no rotors and completely busted. The General admits that he’s probably insane, and then a pair of zombies attack. He pulls out two pistols and shoots both zombies as they all go off the roof together to their deaths. The team heads back to the truck.

Everyone is shocked to see a zombie Doc coming toward them, but Roberta volunteers to give him mercy. Luckily she misses, and it turns out Doc is alive! He just looks like a zombie because, well, he was just blown up. Back at the listening station, Citizen Z is still having an imaginary conversation with Addy, and plays another song for her. She hears him and is embarrassed. And finally, in a flashback to 10K ‘s childhood days, we see him finally kill his father, proving that Z Nation is no easy place to live.

"Home Sweet Zombie"[]

The team makes a pit stop at an abandoned country house. As Mack and Addy sneak upstairs to have sex in an actual bed, Roberta and Charles explore the yard and kill all the Z's that rush the electrified fence surrounding the property. As her romantic chemistry with Charles starts to churn, Roberta reveals that they're near her hometown, and she has no interest in paying a visit. According to her, the past is the past, though she's haunted by the memory of her husband, Antoine, whose current status -- alive or dead -- is unknown. Meanwhile, upstairs in the bedroom, Mack and Addy's attempt at lovemaking is interrupted when she has a violent flashback to something that pretty much randomly incapacitates her throughout the rest of the episode. Outside, the storm is brewing and zombies are attacking through the electric fence, so the team flees the scene.

Up north in the listening station, a fairly drunk Citizen Z retasks a weather satellite, which shows the current storm crossing the country, and advises the team to get indoors. As the team members debate what to do, they end up being forced to head to Castle Point ... you guessed it, Roberta’s hometown. When they arrive in Castle Point, Roberta finds a photo of Antoine, her husband. The team seeks shelter at Roberta's old house, where they find a young woman watching over her seriously wounded husband. When Roberta asks what they’re doing there, the woman answers, "The fireman said we'd be safe here."

Roberta asks the young woman if Antoine is the fireman who brought them there, though she's too panicked about her wounded husband to confirm one way or another. Meanwhile, zombies approach the house ... and the wind's really picking up. In the upstairs bathroom, Murphy discovers that his skin condition is getting worse, his hair is falling out and his teeth are rotting -- is he going full zombie? Over at the fire station, Charles and Roberta find supplies and Roberta regrets not waiting to see her husband before she left Castle Point.

Suddenly, zombie firemen attack the fire station! Roberta and Charles kill one of them, which prompts Roberta to think that it may be her husband Antoine ... but a closer look reveals it's actually his best friend, Dearborn. Back at Roberta's old house, the gang has taken refuge in the basement. Addy continues suffering her random nightmare flashbacks as Mack and Doc drill a hole in the wounded young husband's head to relieve some pressure. When the drill breaks off, they use Mack's gun to hammer it in. Blood spurts everywhere, which, according to Doc, is a good thing.

Back at the fire station, Roberta holds a funeral for the dead firemen. As she and Charlie go out to fight the rest of the zombies, they're surprised to find there aren't any. They drive back to Roberta's house as the tornado -- and also what is possibly, yes, a 'zombie-nado' -- descends on them.Meanwhile, Murphy has developed something of an empathy toward zombies and tries to figure out what really makes them tick. Roberta finds her wedding album and decides to not join the others in the safety of the basement -- she's going to sit in the living room and "wait for Antoine."

Whilst the rest of the team hunkers down at Roberta's house, Cassandra and 10K have taken shelter in an abandoned car. As the tornado tosses the vehicle about, 10K notices Cassandra holding onto his knee. Love is in the air (along with a bunch of zombies)! A mighty gust of wind flips the car over but the (probably) lovers-to-be survive the storm.As the tornado rocks Roberta's house, Murphy holds a zombie close for protection (or is Murphy protecting it?) and someone in a fireman outfit protects Roberta from the storm. When Roberta gains consciousness, she's miraculously survived the devastation, though her mysterious savior is nowhere to be found.

As the storm passes and the team prepares to continue their journey west, Murphy continues to freak out, Doc sacrifices some morphine to the young married couple and Charlie fulfilles his lifelong dream of pulling the horn on a fire truck. As they leave town, we see a lone zombie fireman walking through a field ... Roberta's husband, Antoine.

"Resurrection Z"[]

As Citizen Z ponders the many possibilities as to where zombies came from -- whether it be comet dust, an actual Biblical apocalypse, or other -- the members of a mysterious church in a small town in Missouri are turning their own philosophy into practice as they consider the zombie apocalypse to be the second coming of God, with the Z's being referred to -- and somewhat revered -- as "the Resurrected."

Meanwhile, Murphy pees in a field as the team discusses the possibility of him one day turning into a full-blown zombie. Either way, the good news is that they're near Provincetown, a fabled safe haven. When they arrive, they're asked to check their weapons at the door ... which mean this is probably not going to go well after all. Also, those three youngsters we saw at the spooky church earlier ask for re-admission to the compound, which Charlie's old military colleague, Major Williams, allows ... but should he?

As the team gets a tour, Major Williams tells them the compound is weapons-free and zombie-proof (sure) and fills in a lttle background on the strange church. Turns out the three people granted re-admission were devotees of the head preacher, Jacob, who believes the zombie apocalypse fulfills the promise of eternal life. Charlie and Roberta finally consummate their chemistry by having sex in a private room. Meanwhile, Jacob and his flock approach the compound while inside the three devotees kill themselves with their blade-like crucifixes and turn into Z's. So much for zombie-proof.

Roberta and Charlie quickly get dressed when they hear the zombies attacking. They investigate the overrun compound using books as weapons, kill a zombie who comes through the door and discover they can make it out the emergency exit. Murphy, meanwhile, meets a frightened woman in the bathroom, and when they're attacked by Z's, they pay him no mind as they kill the poor woman. Meanwhile, everyone heads for the emergency exit and are slammed against the door as the Z's close in. Addy almost loses her bearings her completely as she has one of her crippling freakout 'visions' but Mack snaps her out of it.

Suddenly, the emergency exit door bursts open courtesy of the valiant efforts of 10K, who escapes with Cassandra as the rest of the team is captured by Jacob. The crazy preacher forces them to choose: join the living flock, or become zombies. As 10K sneaks into the compound and gets a gun and Cassandra runs for the truck, Murphy suddenly proclaims himself as the zombie messiah, proving it by sticking his fingers into zombie's mouth and not having them get chomped off. Jacob is unsatisfied with this 'proof' and pulls a gun, saying a bullet to the heart will reveal the truth. Murphy is saved when the heroic Charlie takes the bullet for him.

Roberta and the dying Charlie confess their love for each other and he tells her to go. Roberta wants to give him mercy but there's no time to spare as the team makes their escape. Roberta makes the team stop at a safe distance from the compound and with the help of a long-range rifle and sniper scope gives mercy to the zombified Charlie. The episode ends with Citizen Z giving more poignant pontification on the zombie apocalypse.

"Welcome to the Fu-Bar"[]

Everyone's still in Kansas and mourning the loss of Charles Garnett, which was, admittedly, a major shock. Citizen Z delivers a eulogy as a heartbroken Roberta looks longingly out the window. When the truck has radiator trouble, Addy and Mack decide to scout up ahead on their motorcycle. After the truck is repaired, temporarily, 10K says he'll drive. 10K, Murphy and Doc get in the front seat and Cassandra in the back seat. 10K steps on the gas and takes off really fast. Doc says to 10K who taught you how to drive? 10K replied to Doc "No one". Cassandra with a worried look on her face buckles her seat belt and Doc tells 10K, hands at 10 and 2 and go easy on the gas. Meanwhile, Mack contemplates possibly leaving the group though Addy says it'd be selfish to abandon their friends and their mission. Mack agrees to stay with the team, though unfortunately they went a different way than the rest of the gang at a fork in the road. So now the team is separated.

10K at the wheel, the truck rolls into... well, wherever they are, it's like a carnival of guns and liquor. Doc meets an old friend who looks like the bad guy from Pete's Dragon named Sketchy McClane. Sketchy tells them there are no zombies around for 100 miles in any direction, but Mack and Addy have just seen an invading horde of zombies ... so, that's not going to go great. Anyway, the team needs a new truck and Roberta needs to get drunk, so they decide to stick around and enter a shooting contest. 10K learns he has some competition: a pretty girl named Brittany who's apparently just as good with a rifle.

In the bar, Doc meets a sleazy dude named Forman who tells them about his amazing apocalypse-proof mega-vehicle. Murphy decides to dispense with any negotiations in obtaining the 'Forman-Mobile' by jumping the vehicle's owner while he's pissing against the side of the barn, though things go a bit awry when Murphy kind of zombies-out for a second and actually BITES the poor drunken bastard. Roberta, meanwhile, gets crazy drunk herself and bonds with the bartender as the shooting contest begins and 10K develops a crush on Brittany. Soon, the wounded and enraged Forman re-enters the bar and tells everyone he was bitten by Murphy.

Up north in the listening station, Citizen Z realizes that some kind of dust storm (that turns out to be the horde of roving zombies) is rolling into western Kansas. And in western Kansas, even without the stampede of zombies, things are pretty tense as the bar hooligans catch up with Murphy. Some stylish gunplay creates four new zombies that are all killed pretty quickly.

When Doc confronts Murphy about the fact that he bit a guy, Murphy tries to convince him that he didn't. Murphy runs off, finds Forman shot dead (though NOT TURNED!), extracts his tooth from Forman's wound and puts it back in his mouth. Hardcore. Meanwhile, the zombie horde is closing in as Roberta monologues about the death of Charlie and has an intense finding-a-reason-to-live moment with the zombie bartender before killing him. 10K and his new maybe-girlfriend Brittany finish the shooting contest in a tie just as the zombie horde begins to invade in earnest.

10K wins the prize when he gives mercy to the driver of the ice cream truck used to lure the zombie targets in the shooting contest. As he and Brittany flee, she runs out of ammo and he saves her father by shooting a pursuing zombie in the head. He gives Brittany the giant gun he's just won and she kisses him on the cheek. Meanwhile, Roberta has re-invented herself as an old-west gunslinger and singlehandedly kills a ton of zombies.

As the team prepares to depart the gun and liquor show, 10K is attacked by a zombie but Brittany saves him with her new gun. Is there sharpshooter romance in the air? There's no time for love for Mack and Addy, though, as the episode ends with them witnessing an approaching zombie horde, or zunami.


Citizen Z is bored, and he might not be doing so well: shortly after an unidentified alarm goes off in the listening station, his vision goes fuzzy for a second, and he looks up to see there's a fireball from outer space hurtling toward Earth. Wait ... what? Yes, a Russian spaceship has landed in the station's backyard.

Meanwhile, things aren't going well in a small town in Nebraska. The team is having a hard time finding water and they're almost too dehydrated to run when the zombie horde starts closing in. They finally make it to shelter and are joined by some new survivors. Back at the listening station, Citizen Z meets the pilot of the Russian spacecraft: Yuri, a seemingly good-natured cosmonaut. The new BFFs have some Earl Grey tea as Yuri describes how life was rough on his space station and how he fled on an escape pod. They break out the vodka and toast their survival, though some questions remain: Where are the rest of the cosmonauts from the space station? And why is Citizen Z's dog still sleeping?

Back in Nebraska, Murphy tries to rally the troops as one of the new survivors tells them that the zombie horde is migrating from Canada because they don't like the cold. Most of the zombies were part of a colony of survivors in Alberta who all turned within a week. It's sad stuff up there! Murphy wonders if the zombies have an actual leader as the team hears a scratching sound coming from the morgue. Doc and 10K take down a zombie and the team commences to climb into the body lockers to hide out.

Back up north, the new BFFs get a little tanked, play games and develop something of a fast-forward bromance. It's all very touching until Yuri calls his new friend 'Simon' instead of Citizen Z. Wait a minute ... how does Yuri know his real name? In Nebraska, everyone climbs into the body storage units but by the time Roberta has secured everyone, the remaining unit is occupied by a zombie. As Roberta allows Murphy to seal her up in a body bag, she tells him that he has to return, as getting him to California is of vital importance.

Back up north, Citizen Z is getting very suspicious of his new pal. Is Yuri who he says he is? Is he a ghost? A … space zombie? Things get even weirder -- and more dangerous -- when Citizen Z gets out of the bathroom and finds Yuri wearing his space station suit. A big fight ensues and ends with Yuri tied to a chair. Yuri keeps asking Citizen Z what's wrong with his dog ... and, come to think of it, yes, what is wrong with the dog?

Citizen Z is now convinced that Yuri has poisoned both him and the dog. As he struggles to figure it all out -- assumingly with a splitting headache -- Yuri turns the tables and now has Citizen Z tied to the chair. The cosmonaut keeps asking, "What do you know?" Meanwhile, in Nebraska, the new guy freaks out and climbs out of his hiding place in the morgue to get eaten and Murphy meets a family that has been hiding out from the zombie horde. Instead of helping them, he steals their food and water ... and lets the husband/father, now a zombie, back into the house to snack on them. The zombie messiah can be a cruel zombie messiah!

Back up north, Yuri asks Citizen Z what's different about today as Citizen Z continues to believe that both he and his dog have been poisoned. Just as Yuri begins choking Citizen Z, the truth is revealed: Yuri was a hallucination caused by Citizen Z's rapidly deteriorating mental state due to the lack of oxygen in the station ... the cause of the unidentified alarm in the first scene. Citizen Z drags his unconscious dog to the main doors as the cool air revitalizes them. So much for having a new friend!

Back in Nebraska, the horde is heading for the next town as Murphy returns to the morgue with the food and water, using his zombie-messiah powers to draw a zombie's attention away from Roberta hiding out in the body bag. The team has a family meal on a table usually reserved for dead bodies while Murphy realizes he may be changing even faster than he thought.

"Die, Zombie, Die... Again"[]

Mack and Addy. Addy and Mack. Macddy. Addack. They've been absent the last few episodes, but now we see them trying to catch up to the rest of the team with the help of Citizen Z via a nice little montage set to Nancy Sinatra. What could be better? There's some tension between these two, and it's definitely got a lot to do with those spooky flashbacks Addy's been having. Finally, she decides to tell Mack about it: it's an image of a dark place, a bad Z, and a guy who looks suspiciously like Mack. Could these be flash-forwards?

Mack tries to alleviate the tension by telling her about his fantasy date with her and Addy ruins the mood by telling him they'll never work as a couple. Counterpoint from Mack: They've kept each other alive. They realize they've never actually been on a proper date and while Mack goes off to try and make that happen, Addy falls asleep.

Suddenly, Mack wakes up to the sound of Addy screaming. When he rushes to find her, he finds a snake, some zombie bodies and a terrifying Z who has Addy's whack-a-mole baseball bat stuck to him. Just as Mack is crushed by a falling wall and eaten by a zombie, he wakes up! It was all a dream, but wait ... now is Addy gone for real? Mack gets up and goes through the dream he's already had with the snake, the zombie bodies and the big zombie dude that has Addy's baseball bat stuck in him and her necklace in his mouth. And this time, Mack traps the Big Z under the falling wall ... and then dies and wakes up again. And then it happens again.

Mack is caught in an endless cycle of recurring dreams, each one getting him a little further along his existential nightmare as he learns from the mistakes and missteps he made in the previous one. It turns out that the big zombie is trying to keep Mack from getting behind a door in a warehouse, but that's just part of the dream, too. When Mack wakes up, he tells Addy about all this madness. When they hear a zombie, they run after it with intent to kill, though instead they discover the door from the dream. Addy investigates.

Behind the door is another wall, and as they try to break it down, the zombie attacks and bites Addy's necklace off. Mack kills the zombie (maybe? Is this another dream?) and then tends to Addy. But then the zombie turns up again. And Mack wakes up. Again. In this next dream go-round, Mack goes back inside the warehouse and goes through the door himself and descends into a basement, where he finds a wounded small boy and kills some sort of terrible zombie that emerges from the shadows. He's awoken by Addy, who tells him she knows he was having a nightmare and shouting "Why won't you die?!" Mack asks her where her necklace came from in the first place. And then she wakes up. It's a dream within a dream within a dream! And boy it just keeps going.

In the final (maybe?) dream sequence, Addy whacks the bib zombie, goes through the door, descends into the basement and sees the wounded small boy lying on the floor. She's then attacked by a woman in a bathroom ... who turns out to be Addy's mom. Thusly it is revealed that Addy had to kill her own mother. That's why we went through these dreams within dreams -- to explore and release Addy's horrible memory and terrible secret.

"Going Nuclear"[]

Addy and Mack are once again MIA on the road somewhere, Citizen Z is paddling some balls and seems almost as bored as the dog, and in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the team comes across Zombie Mount Rushmore and an industrial pipe factory featuring glow-in-the-dark zombies attracted to fart noises.

The team meets Wilbur Grady and his daughter Amelia and agrees to help them shut down the nearby unstable nuclear reactor. They run through and kill a ton o' zombies, get Wilbur into a (somehow working) elevator, and flee the scene. Shortly thereafter, Wilbur returns from the plant, unsuccessful in his attempt to shut down the reactor. He dies, becomes a zombie and is given mercy by Roberta. With the nuclear reactor still in danger of going off, Amelia reveals that the only person who can possibly help them is some dude named Homer, who's holed up in the woods being weird.

Upon arriving at Homer's strange survivalist house, they learn that Wilbur's attempt at shutting down the reactor involved trying to cut a rope so the attached nuclear rods would fall into the cooling pond. Homer says he'll help and bonds with 10K, as it seems everyone wants to be a father figure to that kid. Homer takes 10K into the reactor and discovers that something is blocking the rods from falling, so they send in a remote-controlled wheeled robot named Robbie to do the trick ... which fails pretty abysmally once the zombies get a hold of it.

Outside the nuclear reactor, Roberta keeps order as Homer says he'll need help to get into the reactor himself and fix things. They also need fuel for the airplane to fly Murphy out of the blast zone in case everything ends up going ka-boom ... and luckily Homer has a plethora of vodka at his house. Hey, that stuff could make a plane fly, no?

Murphy and Amelia (who's a pilot, 'cause her name is 'Amelia') plan to fly to Wyoming, where other human survivors are rumored to be. Roberta puts Murphy on the plane, fills it with booze and sends them on their way ... though not for very long, as the aircraft quickly crash-lands, resulting in Amelia being killed and becoming a zombie.

When they reach the reactor, the team splits up: 10K and Homer go in while Doc and Cassandra go out to join Roberta. During a zombie attack, Homer's suit is breached and he becomes radioactive. No longer concerned for his own safety, he decides to get even closer to the radioactive pool with 10K's help, Mission: Impossible style as he's lowered toward the liquid on a rope. Murphy has since crawled from the wreckage of the plane and is now staggering through the woods ... followed by the undead Amelia. As always, Murphy seems to be able to communicate somewhat with the zombies, though with Amelia he shows a pity and tenderness he hasn't expressed before. Is the Zombie Messiah getting soft?

Homer and 10K manage to shut down the reactor, after which Homer tells his young friend to finish off his radioactive ass. 10K can't bring himself to shoot Homer, so the old man makes it easier on him by dropping himself into the pool and becoming a zombie. A heartbroken 10K finally shows him mercy.

When 10K comes out of the reactor, he's understandably upset and is comforted by Doc as Roberta rolls up in a golf cart filled with vodka. Soon thereafter, Murphy comes out of the woods, followed by Amelia. Murphy keeps them from giving Amelia mercy, as he claims maybe it's time for "a different kind of mercy." They drive off into the sunset, leaving Amelia to wander the woods alone.

"Sisters of Mercy"[]

Addy and Mack are somewhere underground, guided by Citizen Z as he's reuniting them with ... Roberta! Doc! Murphy and so forth! It turns out they're at an old CIA black site, at which Citizen Z is able to video-conference with them to direct them to supplies down the hall ... and a sweet new vehicle.

Back on the road, the team comes across Sam, a young boy traveling on foot who tells them he can get them food if they drive him to Salt Lake City. The team drives up to a massive gate guarded by armed women where they are greeted by Helen, the leader of the "Sisters of Mercy," a utopia-like sanctuary for women and children only. The team is allowed to get some food and medicine for Cassandra's infected leg ... but only if the men folk stay outside the compound.

Inside the compound, a gorgeous nature preserve of sorts, Addy and Helen develop something of a daughter-mother bond as the younger woman finally expresses all her pent-up emotions involving her brother and zombie mother. The sanctuary has its sinister side, though, such as its rule that any male child, upon reaching the age of 13, has to leave and walk to Salt Lake City, the children(or at least the boys) have been unknowingly sent to their own deaths. While Helen obviously won't kill the children, she's made it a rule to tell all the boys that their fathers are in Salt Lake City.

And more importantly, all the young boys are lied to about the city's current condition. According to Roberta, its filled with zombies and no chance of anyone living there. So if the boys are killed during their journey to Salt Lake City, Helen and the others won't be placed with the blame. It becomes clear that Helen is something of a cult leader and chose Addy out of the women because she knew she was in a current weak state. And even tells her, her own story of her marriage as a sister wife to a bad husband; though its not known how much is true and how much Helen made up. She and her group also enforce their own sense of justice, which sometimes involves locking up no-good men inside a barn with a zombie bear.

Helen asks Addy to help rescue two ladies being held captive by a biker gang, and a concerned Roberta tags along. When they confront the bikers on the road, Helen works her cult mama powers on Addy and persuades her to kill one of the bikers, who turns into a zombie. This vigilante 'justice' is all too much for Roberta, who's ready to get back on the road to California, but Addy has other plans: she's decided to stay and join the flock.

Mack is upset when Addy tells him of her decision and pursues her when she runs back to the compound gates. Meanwhile, a Sister of Mercy who had seduced Murphy with blueberry pie ends up being taken prisoner by one of the bikers who managed to survive the ambush on the road. Seeking vengeance, he calls out Helen, though he's soon laid out when Mack shoots him in the head.

While Roberta and Cassandra leave the compound, Addy attempts to have her final goodbye with Mack. When Mack refuses to leave her behind, Helen shoots him. Though Addy stops in her tracks, she clearly does nothing to stop the others from shooting at Mack or her friends. The team drives off but Mack can't handle it and jumps out of the car, running back to the compound to get his girl back. As the team leaves Mack to his destiny, the sounds of several gunshots are heard, implying that Mack may have been gunned down as he re-approached the gates.

Meanwhile, that sexy blonde Sister of Mercy who enjoyed more than just blueberry pie with Murphy might be pregnant, the little girl in the compound seems to have stolen (or been given) Addy's locket and young Sam is back on the lonely road to Salt Lake City.

"Murphy's Law"[]

As the team drives further west, they come to a roadblock near a golf course. As per usual, they're attacked by zombies, and kill a lot of them with the creative use of golf implements ... and actually meet some new zombie-killing friends: Janice and brothers Henry and Brett Zimmerman. Also, Murphy golfs .. and, as per usual, the zombies don't attack him.

As Janice brings water to Murphy, Henry and Brett discuss the fact that Murphy's abilities as the Zombie Messiah could come in handy. The team drinks some booze in the clubhouse, where it turns out they've been drugged by their new pals, who hit the road with Murphy as their prisoner. The Zombie Messiah is frustrated with his new escorts when they say they're not going to California ... and won't reveal their actual destination.

Back at the clubhouse, the team members regain consciousness and find themselves chained to a zombie, which they quickly dispatch with a golf umbrella. After they free themselves with a golf tee (a nice lock-pick in a pinch), they call Citizen Z, who locates Murphy after he cleverly looks directly into a traffic camera during a pee break. It turns out that Murphy's new escorts want his help knocking over a pharmaceutical company, as drugs are better than money in the zombie apocalypse. Murphy reluctantly agrees to help (not that he has a choice), though when the captors aren't looking, he takes a moment to spit into one of their canteens ... Shortly thereafter, Murphy discovers a new Zombie Messiah power when he finds he can kinda-sorta control Janice's mind after she inadvertently takes a swig of his saliva. Murphy finds ways to share his bodily fluids with his other two captors as well, by cutting Henry's hand and biting Brett's. Now who's calling the shots ... at least somewhat, anyway?

At the pharmaceutical plant, Janice sees her ex-husband Jason, now part of the jacked-up undead horde (zombies love speed, apparently) and accuses Brett of getting him killed during their last attempt to raid the place. Meanwhile, the team, in pursuit of Murphy, spots the zombies who have gotten into the Viagra. "You've officially seen it all, kid," Doc says to 10K as they look on in awe.

Brett lays out an exceptionally convoluted infiltration plan to Murphy, who commences with traversing through the building overrun with tweaked-out Z's in search of the mega-supply of oxycontin. He distracts the zombies by setting off an alarm and finds a computer, with which he chats with Citizen Z, who's been trying to track down the mysterious Dr. Merch, the zombie-vaccine scientist who turned Murphy into the messiah he is today. Murphy turns off the alarm and the zombies return to their rampaging ways just as Roberta and the team arrive on their rescue mission.

In the ensuing wild zombie attack, Janice gets eaten by her husband Jason, Henry is mauled by a bunch of Z's and Brett holds Murphy hostage at gunpoint ... at least until Murphy works his new mind-control trick and gets his captor to turn the gun on himself. Roberta and the team are stunned to learn of Murphy's new power as they hit the road to California in one of the pharmacy vans.

"Doctor of the Dead"[]

Four years before the zombie apocalypse, New York City was just recovering from Hurricane Sandy ... and a creepy bald doctor was wandering the streets picking up junkies, giving them mystery injections and stealing brain tissue. Who is this guy? Meanwhile, back in the present, California is no longer the final destination of the team as they're now headed to Fort Collins, Colorado to meet up with Dr. Merch, the lady doc who originally experimented on Murphy. The Zombie Messiah's been acting super-weird lately, and Cassandra looks to be at death's door.

En route to Fort Collins, the team talks about their plans for the future: Doc plans to buy a boat, Roberta is considering settling down in California and 10K has about six thousand more zombies to kill. When they arrive, Roberta handcuffs Murphy as a precaution - who, in turn, heads toward the entrance as many zombies attack. After letting the team sweat a little, Murphy escorts them through the crowd of the undead and into the lab.

Meanwhile, back in the past, in an Ebola quarantine camp, that same bald doctor shows up to presumably perform the same brain-tissue theft on an Ebola patient. Hmm ...

In the present, 10K and Doc kill a few zombies as the team infiltrates the lab where they believe Dr. Merch is waiting to help Murphy. It turns out all they find are some old computer files suggesting that scientists had been working on a vaccine even before the actual zombie outbreak.

As the team goes further into the facility, they have to get naked to go through the decontamination procedure, after which they discover the results of really insane human experiments that had been going on. Worse, they uncover a new breed of mutant zombie: strong, deformed, ready to kill ... and decidedly unimpressed with the Zombie Messiah. The Zombie Messiah isn't really impressed with them either, as, in a display of sudden brutal strength, he tears off their heads with his bare hands. Murphy, what's up with you, buddy?

As the team continues to explore the facility, Cassandra becomes too weak to go on and the team finds her a safe place to lie down, perhaps to die. When Murphy is alone with her to supposedly say goodbye, Cassandra becomes very uneasy ... but why? We cut away before we see what exactly went down with them. The team then finds a poor half-melted mutated guy sprawled out in front of a computer who shows them a video of how he got to be this way (it was because of Dr. Merch!), after which they meet the bald doctor we've seen in the flashbacks: Dr. Kurtz, who says he's here to help. Sure.

Citizen Z, who has access to the world's highest caliber facial-recognition software, realizes that Dr. Kurtz is not who he says he is ... he's actually Dr. Walter Kurian, the quack who started the entire zombie apocalypse in the first place. Citizen Z tells the team to kill the doctor and a gunfight ensues .. during which Cassandra bursts in, appearing to be a half-zombie! Also, Doc is shot! And Murphy escapes! And that's where the real trouble starts ... It turns out that if a contaminated person leaves the grounds, a nuclear bomb is released, headed straight for the facility. And when the nuclear bomb is released, THAT triggers a series of other nuclear missiles, headed for several locations around the world ... including the listening station up north. Nobody is safe, not even Citizen Z, who watches the bomb headed straight for him with a combination of sadness, anger and awe. The season ends.

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No. Title Writer(s) Air Dates U.S. Viewers
01 "Puppies and Kittens" Karl Schaefer September 12, 2014 1.58 million
02 "Fracking Zombies" Michael Cassutt September 19, 2014 1.62 million
03 "Philly Feast" Eric Wallace, Karl Schafer September 26, 2014 1.60 million
04 "Full Metal Zombie" Eric Bernt October 3, 2014 1.55 million
05 "Home Sweet Zombie" Dan Merchant October 10, 2014 1.26 million
06 "Resurrection Z" Craig Engler October 17, 2014 1.57 million
07 "Welcome to the Fu-Bar" Jennifer Derwingson October 24, 2014 1.34 million
08 "Zunami" Dan Merchant October 31, 2014 1.10 million
09 "Die, Zombie, Die... Again" Dan Merchant, Karl Schaefer November 7, 2014 1.30 million
10 "Going Nuclear" Craig Engler, Michael Cassutt November 14, 2014 1.49 million
11 "Sisters of Mercy"' Jennifer Derwingson November 21, 2014 1.39 million
12 "Murphy's Law" Michael Cassutt November 28, 2014 1.61 million
13 "Doctor of the Dead" John Hyams, Karl Schaefer December 5, 2014 1.44 million






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