Poor Bastard
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Actor Unknown
Gender Male
First Appearance "Welcome to Murphytown"
Last Appearance "Welcome to Murphytown"
Cause of Death Skull cut open by The Man
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Welcome to Murphytown"
Ethnicity Caucasian

"Poor Bastard" is a character featured in "Z Nation", first encountered in Season 3 Episode 7 "Welcome to Murphytown".

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about "Poor Bastard" prior to the apocalypse.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Season 3 Edit

"Welcome to Murphytown" Edit

Poor Bastard was barely thriving out an existence in the woods on the Outskirts of Spokane when he first "Heard The Good Word of The "Murphy". He was one of the first Blends to be inoculated by The Murphy Vaccine. He was a true believer, and thought of Murphy as both his Savior, and his Friend. He provided much-needed muscle in the early days of Murphytown, helping integrate the new arrivals into Murphy's New World Order, and acting as a sort of unofficial bodyguard for Murphy.

He had finally found hope for the future in the apocalypse, a sense of purpose and belonging. He was completely caught off guard when The Man split Poor Bastard's skull open to provide Murphy with Fresh Brains. Murphy tested The Man further and told him to try a bite of Poor Bastard's brains, which The Man did without hesitation. Murphy became distracted, and The Man pretended to eat all of Poor Bastard's brains, however in reality, he snatched them up, and fed them to Murphy later on.

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