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  Mike Renfro
Actor Tyler Andre
Gender Male
Family Reporter
First Appearance "We Interrupt This Program"
Death Episode "We Interrupt This Program"
Status Undead
Series lifespan "We Interrupt This Program" to "We Interrupt This Program"
Ethnicity Caucasian

Mike Renfro is a former reporter for Action News 9 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Renfro worked for Action News 9 as a reporter and may have been a close friend of Mitchell, a technician at the station. Nothing is known about his personal life.


When Midwest Air Flight 409 crashed on approach to Straubel International Airport, just outside the Green Bay city limits, Renfro and Mitchell are dispatched to the scene for a remote interview. However, upon arrival, Renfro and Mitchell are attacked by the zombified passengers of the flight. Renfro is bitten on the neck, but Mitchell manages to pull the zombie away and get both of them back to the Action News 9 station . Despite agreeing to do a live interview when he arrives at the station, Renfro's condition deteriorates rapidly and he vomits onto the stage manager on air before collapsing and fully zombifying. He then attacks and bites Mitchell and another technician who try to help him. He pursues Carly McFadden and briefly catches her when they are climbing the stairs; however, McFadden is able to escape his grasp and barricade herself on the roof. Renfro is then locked inside the station until the events of "We Interrupt This Program"; he is not killed by the team.