Z Nation Wiki
Actor Barbara Deering
Gender Female
Hair Gray
Occupation Former cook (Post-apocalypse)
Family Skull - Son (Deceased)
Gilly - Son
Two sons (Deceased)
Cause of Death Bitten by one of her sons
Status Undead
Series lifespan Doc's Stoned History
Ethnicity Caucasian

Marion is a character on Z Nation, first encountered in season 5

Pre Apocalypse[]

Not much is known about Marion, other than she was a Canadian citizen and a mother of four boys.

Post Apocalypse[]

As one of Marions sons is bitten he is expected to turn zombie, but due to the Black Rainbow he instead becomes a Talker. Bothered by his need for brains Marion decides to make him cookies with brain in the batter, that is the beginning of Z-Bizkits. She sets up a bakery with her sons and resides there until she herself is turned.

With the help of Roberta, Murphy, George and Addy she and her boys are saved and is brought by Murphy to Limbo.