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  Julius James
S2 spears.png
Actor Justin Chu Cary
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Mid 30’s - Early 40’s
Family Unknown
First Appearance Human Flow
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Human Flow" to “The Lodge
Ethnicity African-American

Julius James is a main character and survivor of the initial zombie apocalypse in Netflix’s original series Black Summer, first encountered in "Human Flow“. He was being held prisoner and took the identity of Spears, the name of the guard he killed when he escaped. He is a member of Rose’s group.

We discover that before the apocalypse he was a gangster and his brother was a well known boss of the crew. If anyone needed killing his brother would have Julius do this. It was believed that Julius' brother hid a lot of money so Julius kept getting captured by soldiers who either wanted to find the money or wanted Julius punished for all the crimes he committed. He took on a new name in order to get away from his past.

He was shot, at his request, by Anna in the episode The Lodge.

Killed Victims[]