Haitian Doctor
Hatian doctor
Actor Stephanie Kim
Gender Female
Hair Black
Occupation Doctor (Pre-Apocalypse)
First Appearance "Doctor of the Dead"
Last Appearance "Doctor of the Dead"
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "Doctor of the Dead"
Ethnicity Asian-Haitian

Haitian Doctor is a character featured in "Z Nation" first encountered in Season 1 Episode 13 "Doctor of the Dead".

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

On Dr. Walter Kurian's trip around the world to find components for his bio-weapons, he finally encounters the final puzzle piece.

In Haiti, a resident doctor introduces him to a patient catatonic from a previous earthquake. He is known as "The Zombie" among the other doctors. This since he is responsive to commands, but does not speak or act on his own.

Leaving the room after her beeper goes off she leaves Dr. Kurian alone with the patient, enabling him to take the sample that will change the world as they all know it.

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