Season 4, Episode 10
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Air date December 1, 2017
Written by Abram Cox
Directed by Juan Mas
U.S. Viewers 0.52 millions
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"We Interrupt This Program"
"Return to Mercy Labs"
"Frenemies" is the tenth episode of Season 4 of Z Nation and the fifty-second episode of the series overall. It first aired in the United States on December 1, 2017 at 8/7c .

Plot SynopsisEdit

Operation Bitemark has made their way to Chicago and find it to be in bad shape. For many years, a toxic combination of industrial chemicals, radioactive fallout, and gasses from decomposing bodies in Lake Michigan have corrupted the natural order of everything; now, a storm has the city covered in a thick green foam made of this combination. When Doc and Murphy make their way into a barbershop to rest, they bump into a blast from the past: Sketchy and Skeezy have also made it to Chicago.

Despite the barber's offer of a shave and a haircut, Doc starts to suspect that something is up. Murphy, however, has no such reservations and takes the barber up on the offer. Sketchy and Skeezy seem to be trying to warn Murphy and Doc about something, and as it turns out, the barber in this joint sure does seem to want to kill them. It’s also true that there's a gunman upstairs and zombies in the basement. The whole thing is a set up.

Eventually, Doc figures out that the barber is actually Sal, a con man he knew back before the apocalypse; Tiny had robbed Doc and even stolen his underwear during Black Summer. Sal and the upstairs gunman, Tiny, then rob Doc, Murphy, Sketchy, and Skeezy at gunpoint. Ultimately, 10K and Sarge show up to help, and even though our team has gotten out of worse scrapes than this, not even they seem to be able to help anyone, also being easily robbed. After some misadventures including an overly tanned zombie and an attempt at democracy, the team realizes that Sketchy and Skeezy seem to be trying to pull a swindle.

A new pair of robbers show up: the guys that Skeezy and Sketchy earlier swindled by biting while pretending to be Murphy. There's a last minute attempt by Sketchy to keep Skeezy alive, but Skeezy is kicked out into the toxic foam by Sal. Ultimately, the gang tricks all of the bad guys into opening a door full of Z's in the basement downstairs. The newly arrived bandits are caught and eaten, but Sal and Tiny kill the zombies and the bandits. Just as Sal is about to execute Doc, Murphy, and Sketchy, Skeezy blows open the front door with an RPG, which impales Sal and Tiny with the door's pushbar. It is revealed that, when Sketchy had kissed Skeezy goodbye before he was kicked out, he had slipped Skeezy a key to their truck; however, Skeezy had accidentally swallowed it.

Meanwhile, this whole time, Roberta Warren has been fighting her way through the green foam and following someone who seems to be either escaping or beckoning her. When she finally catches up to him, she unmasks him to realize it’s the long-dead Harold Teller. He takes off his mask and tells her that everything depends on her, before vanishing. As the foam dissipates, Operation Bitemark reunites and heads out of Chicago. Sketchy and Skeezy, meanwhile, take over the barbershop (revealed to be named Curl Up 'N Dye) and begin scheming to kill their competition.


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Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Doc: Just think: if it had been the other way around, we'd be eating a crapper and taking a sandwich.
    Sketchy: That's heavy...
  • Sal: Quiet! Act Normal
    Murphy: NORMAL?!
    Sal: Like you're NOT being robbed!
    Murphy: A ROBBERY? Is THAT what this is?! I TOTALLY thought you two were a couple of sadists out for a good time.
    Skeezy: No no, they're capitalists.

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