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  Dr. Edgar Caligari & Charlie (Franken Z).
Actor Jason Pead (as Dr. Edgar Caligari).
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Scientist (Formally)
First Appearance Back from the Undead
Death Episode Back from the Undead
Cause of Death Given mercy by the group (As requested).
Status Deceased.

Created by Dr. Caligari as he tried to achieve immortality and save himself from the spreading infection after being bitten. Dr. Caligari attached a deceased colleague hand to himself and he mutated, grew multiple limbs and his body was entirely consumed by his colleagues cells. Dr. Caligari was mercied by Warren & the team (requested).


This Z is very big and has multiple limbs. Extremely inteligent and can use firearms.

This Z is only agressive if attacked but he actually can be talked to, as Dr. Caligari is the one actually controlling it.

Dr. Edgar Caligari[]

Edgar Caligari is the "doctor" who the team finds at the weird medical and scientific lab in "Back From the Undead". He was trying to merge an extra hand onto his body, although the hand had zombie cells and Dr. Edgar was transformed into a type of franken-zombie. As the team finds him, he tells them that he doesn't know how, but they are on the right track and Warren is leading them correctly. He asks for Mercy and they deliver it.


First and only appearnce was on the episode Back from the Undead.