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  Hector "Escorpion" Alvarez
Actor Emilio Rivera
Gender Male
Hair Black
Occupation Former Vice-President of the Zeros Drug Cartel (Pre-and Post-Apocalypse)
First Appearance "White Light"
Last Appearance "Heart of Darkness" (Unknown)
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "White Light" to "Heart of Darkness"(Unknown)
Ethnicity Hispanic-Mexican

Hector Alvarez, commonly referred to as Escorpion, is a main character and a former antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in Z Nation. He served as the primary antagonist of Season 2.


At some point, Hector abducted Vasquez, as well as his wife and daughter, executing them both in front of a powerless Vasquez after telling Vasquez, "I'm going to do you a favor."


Hector was the vice-president in charge of sales for a Mexican drug cartel known as the Zeros and went by the title "Escorpion". He has a small Z-shaped scar on his right hand, as all the members of the Zeroes have a tattoo of a "Z". Escorpion's weapon of choice is a golden gun. During season 3 he became a member of the Westward-Bound Survivor Group to atone for his actions.


Season 2[]

"White Light"[]

Shows up on the streets carrying a Bazooka. He hunts Murphy and the rest of the Westward-Bound Survivor Group.

"Batch 47"[]

Entering the greenhouse compound with his crew. He is responsible for the death of Odegard, as well as an innocent bystander.

"Down the Mississippi"[]

Escorpion abandons an excellent round of golf to preside over the trial of Sketchy, Skeezy, and 10K, who are charged with grand larceny, willful deception, and fraud over the incident of stealing the travelling dentists' truck and impersonating them. It is unclear at this time why the Zeroes have judicial authority in Burrtown. Escorpion finds them guilty and sentences them to hang, but they are saved by the Westward-Bound Survivor Group. Escorpion escapes the firefight unharmed.

"Party With the Zeros"[]

Escorpion is around as the team crosses the border into Mexico, and welcomes them into the Zeros' heardquarters and introduces them to La Reina.

Vasquez recognizes Escorpion as the man who threatened him in the past and murdered his wife and daughter, leading to an attempt at vengeance that is frustrated by Roberta and mistaken for an attempt at La Reina.

"Adiós, Muchachos"[]

Escorpion barely convinces La Reina to allow him to torture and interrogate Vasquez about his reasons for attempting to murder her. After some time, he learns that Vasquez's target was in fact himself. Escorpion is wounded during the escape of the protagonist team, and ends up fighting Vasquez one-on-one and being thrown into a group of zombies that begin to bite into him.

"All Good Things Must Come to an End"

Escorpion somehow survived being thrown into the zombies after having his entire life flash before his eyes and seeing all the evil he has caused in his life before and after Day One. He becomes determined to right his wrongs and sets out after La Reina and her group. He witnessed their deeds as he followed them and concludes they are no longer human since the Queen he knew would never act in such a way. He stabs her through the back of the neck to save Roberta only to surrender and apologize to Vasquez for killing his wife and daughter. Vasquez spares his life and leaves the group, leaving an opening for Escorpion to help them with food, water, and transport. It's short-lived as they become surrounded by Chinese troops after witnessing the Submarine Murphy was on sink.

"Heart of Darkness"

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