Dad of 10K
10K's Dad
Actor Tracy Schornick
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 49-51
Family Unnamed Wife (Deceased)
10K - Son
First Appearance "Full Metal Zombie"
Last Appearance "Day One" (Flashback only)
Death Episode "Full Metal Zombie" (Confirmed Fate)
Cause of Death Zombie bite. Out of mercy by 10K
Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
10k dad zombie
Zombified 10K's Dad

Dad of 10K or Hunter-Dad is a character featured in Z Nation episode 4 "Full Metal Zombie".



Season 1Edit

Full Metal ZombieEdit

He was bit by a zombie and was going to turn. His son had to tie him down in order to save himself and eventually had to "Give him Mercy" after he turned zombie.

Season 2Edit

Day OneEdit

He is seen saving 10K from zombies, calling him by his real name "Tommy". After shooting a zombie attacking his son he urges 10K to bring a weapon and run.

Death Edit

Killed byEdit

  • Bit by zombie.
  • 10K (Out of Mercy)

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