Corporate Retreat
Season 2, Episode 11
Corporate Retreat 008
Air date November 20, 2015
Written by Micho Rutare
Directed by Jodi Binstock
U.S. Viewers 0.77 million
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"We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon"
"Party With the Zeros"
"Corporate Retreat" is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Z Nation and the twenty-fourth episode of the series overall. It first aired in the United States on November 20, 2015.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Fresh from running a Z-herd straight into the Grand Canyon, the gang's fighting zombies in a smoke-filled field. They need shelter and fast. Murphy can still keep the zombies at bay using his zombie psychic abilities. The team comes to a hotel in which resides a squad of business people who make a lot of decisions based on voting, a talking stick, and an obnoxious level of corporate leadership group think. They were in the hotel when the outbreak began and they've been here ever since, in one big horrible corporate offsite. They're led by Dr. Gideon Gould, a world-renowned expert in conflict resolution and corporate conversation.

As Addy and Roberta split off to negotiate some resources with Gideon and his right-hand woman, Dana, 10K and Doc head off with Iggy. It turns out Iggy is in charge of the food and has the keys to the kitchen. Just as everyone starts settling into a nice routine where they might start getting along well, gunshots can be hear. Everyone rushes to find Murphy and Greg unconscious on the kitchen floor with gunshot wounds.

Gideon pulls out the talking stick and the attempt at peaceful conflict resolution commences. Meanwhile, Doc and Vasquez realize that the bullet must have passed through Murphy and into Greg, which in theory should turn him into one of those Cassandra-sort-of-zombies. He's healing pretty fast thanks to Murphy's blood. When 10K is accused of being the shooter, he says that yes, one day, he will probably kill Murphy, but until then, they're all on the same team. And that's when Vasquez enters with news that someone has been stealing food. The hotel team thinks that Iggy's the thief ‘cause he has access to the kitchen and the food storage locker. So Gideon banishes him to the Z-infested outdoors with only a mallet for a weapon.

Meanwhile, there's been more treachery. The guy they call Washington has become a Z and attacks Sheila, one of his fellow hotel denizens. While looking for the villain, Addy and Dana take refuge in a closet and are saved from a Z attack by Roberta and Vasquez. It turns out that Murphy's dreaming of the "tribe" he lost at the Grand Canyon is attracting more Z's to the hotel, which leads to everyone being trapped in one room. There's a lot of shouting and aggression until Doc realizes that Greg is awake.

Greg, who's now a Cassandra-sort-of-zombie, points out the shooter: Travis, one of the hotel residents, who's been planning on leaving the hotel with Dana for some time. He gets shot by Greg, turns into a Z and is killed by Addy. Suddenly, a blood-soaked Iggy enters, having survived his banishment. His fellow residents give a hearty cheer when he cracks Gideon on the head with the talking stick.

With the hotel denizens now free from Gideon's manipulative control, the team hits the road once more.


Main CastEdit

Guest StarringEdit



  • Shane Mabrey as Charred Z
  • Lucas Rick O'Brien as Dream Zombie


Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Some place to go, I like the sound of that". - Dana towards Addy.


  • Cassandra is mentioned in this episode.
  • First (and last) appeareance of Dana.
  • First (and last) appeareance of Gideon Gould.
  • First (and last) appeareance of Iggy.
  • First (and last) appeareance of Travis.
  • First (and last) appeareance of Washington.
  • First (and last) appeareance of Meg.
  • First (and last) appeareance of Sheila.
  • First (and last) appeareance of Paul.
  • First (and last) appeareance of Greg.

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