Clive is a character from "Z Nation", first encountered in Season 3 Episode 4 "Escorpion and the Red Hand".

Pre-apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Clive's life before the outbreak started.

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Post-Apocalypse Edit

Clive was part of a group attacked by The Red Hand. His friends are killed and he is left alone with two men. He encounters the Westward-Bound Survivor Group under a bridge where his friends have been hanged and gutted. First accusing them to be part of the Red Hand he accepts that they are just travelers. After being attacked again Clive is locked in together with Roberta Warren, Escorpion and his mate Ryan in a warehouse. It turns out Clive and his group killed people to get to their food and The Red Hand is coming for vengeance. Ryan attacks Escorpion and ends up falling on his own knife. As he turns Escorpion gives him mercy. Clive then attacks Esorpion and is shot to death.  

Death Edit

Killed By Edit

  • Escorpion (Alive)
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