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A Blend is a reference to the people who are turned by Murphy, they are half human half zombie. They maintain a degree of mental control and awareness, but are essentially controlled by him. Murphy infects others with his saliva, typically by biting them. People who are bitten remain alive, but in a lowered mental state. When killed they do not come back to life but remain dead. The first person to be infected by Murphy was Forman. After a fight between them, Murphy bites him. It's revealed after Forman dies and doesn't become a zombie was a blend. Afterwards Murphys infected Janice due to him spitting in her water canteen, later in the same episode he also bit Brett Zimmerman. In the finale of season 1, Murphy bit Cassandra in order to save her life. It is unknown if Lucy Murphy had the ability to make blends like her father, but it can be assumed that she could given that she was able to control those her father had made. 


Dr. Walter Kurian attempted to create an army by using Murphy's blood to infect people, though the experiment failed. The aftermath left Kurian alive as a decapitated human head and the mind control wore off on all the others that had been injected.

People who have become Blended[]

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