Carly McFadden
Carly McFadden
Actor Reine Swart
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Occupation Weather girl / News Anchor
Family Doug jack kingman
First Appearance "We Interrupt This Program"
Last Appearance "We Interrupt This Program"
Death Episode "We Interrupt This Program" (Confirmed fate)
Cause of Death Blocked on the roof Channel 9 news station. Mercy by Roberta Warren.
Status Dead
Series lifespan "We Interrupt This Program"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Carly McFadden is a character featured in Z Nation, first encountered in season 4, episode 9 We Interrupt This Program.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Prior to the apocalypse Carly worked as a weather girl at the Action 9 News station.  She was liked by everyone. She finally got the chance to co-anchor the news with Jack Kingman on the day the apocalypse hit.

An on-site news coverage team was rushed to the site of the crash of Midwest flight 409 on final approach to Austin Straubel International Airport (Green Bay, WI). Field reporter Mike Renfroe and his cameraman, Mitchell, began a live report from the field, but were quickly attacked by 'survivors' of the crash. Renfroe was bitten. At the station, Kingman was taken off guard but Carly calmly continued to report the news in order to give the viewers the information they needed.

Post Apocalypse Edit

The field team fled the attack and fought their way back to the station. The station personnel barricaded the doors as protection against the mob violence and chaos that was happening outside.

Renfroe turns because of the bite. Chaos ensued inside the building. The station personnel were trapped by their own barricades. Carly and Doug the intern fled to the toilets where Doug was bitten by "Helen from Accounting." Helen slipped on the floor and mercied herself on the sink. Meanwhile, Doug turned, but Carly managed to barricade him in a toilet stall and escape. Carly then headed to the roof where she hoped to be rescued by the Action 9 NewsCopter. The copter crashed within sight of the building, and Carly was never rescued.

Eight years later, Warren and the rest of the group arrive at the station to contact Kaya concerned about her broadcast. Upon reaching the roof, they show Carly mercy eight years after the beginning of the apocalypse.

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