Amelia Grady
Actor Anna-Marie Clausen
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 29-31
Occupation Pilot
Family Wilbur Grady - Father (Deceased)
First Appearance "Going Nuclear"
Last Appearance "Going Nuclear"
Death Episode "Going Nuclear"
Cause of Death Plane Crash
Status Undead

Amelia Grady is a character featured in "Z Nation", first encountered in Season 1 Episode 10 "Going Nuclear".

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Amelia lived in Edgemont, South Dakota with her father Wilbur Grady. Prior to the outbreak, she was a pilot.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Season 1 Edit

"Going Nuclear" Edit

Amelia worked with her father to shut down the critical reactor in the Edgemont Nuclear Power Plant. She and her father saved the Westward-Bound Survivor Group from a bunch of radioactive zombies when they stumbled into the power plant. Amelia joined them when they tried to shut down the damaged reactor, which resulted in her fathers death.

She lead the heroes to meet Homer Stubbins and helped convince him to attempt to shut down the reactor. With the threat of imminent meltdown, and while Homer and a majority of the heroes tried to save the reactor, Amelia, Murphy and Warren got her single-engine plane flight worthy. They used Homer's supply of vodka as aviation fuel and Warren converted the engine to burn alcohol.

After taking off in the plane, the vodka proved to be unsuitable for the engine, causing them to crash around 5 minutes into flying. Amelia was pierced by a metal bar and died instantly attempting to fly Murphy out of the blast radius of the critical reactor due to a plane crash. She turned into a zombie. Murphy rushed to her but realized she had turned.

Murphy doesn't understand why but finds that Amelia imitates him. His motions of putting his hand to his own head triggers her to do the same as if it's a mirror affect. Murphy does try to give her Mercy with a rock, but finds it feels wrong. As he starts his hike back to the others, she follows him.

When they reach the others, Murphy prevents the gang, particularly 10K who is ready to shoot, from giving her mercy. He explains to them that she is docile and no threat to them. The group comments on how it is unjust that he hasn't given her mercy, but Murphy responds by saying might be time for a new kind of Mercy.

Death Edit

Killed byEdit

  • Plane crash


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