The Action News 9 Station is the former production center of Action News 9, a local news channel and NBC affiliate serving the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin.


The Action News 9 Station was the main operations building for Action News 9, and houses a studio, offices, editing suite, broadcast tower, and roof helipad for the Action News 9 helicopter. It was the main workspace for the entire news team, and most vehicles and equipment were stored here for use by various reporters and field teams.  

When reporter Mike Renfro becomes a zombie inside the studio, the staff of Action News 9 are quickly overrun, despite attempts to barricade the doors and hallways. This means that the building has remained untouched since the beginning of the outbreak, and its supplies and zombies are both fully intact and undisturbed. The only notable exception is the destruction of the Action News 9 helicopter, the remains of which lie in the street next to the building. 

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