03AZ is a term used in "Z Nation", that first appeared in Season 1 episode 1 "Puppies and Kittens".


AZ (or A.Z.) follows the format of AD (or A.D.) "Anno Domani" and BC (or B.C.)

So AZ must mean "Anno Zombie" (fully "in the year of zombie") or "After Zombie," and BZ must mean "Before Zombie."

There is also no year 00 in AD and BC; the time change is simply 01 BC and 01 AD.


After the ZN1 outbreak, survivors the world over started a new count of years.

03 AZ is 3 years after the zombie apocalypse.


The first case of infection is recorded in 2016, making it year 01 AZ.

Then 03 AZ equals 2018 by today's count. This can be told by: 

  • Murphy commenting that the files from Fort Collins, Colorado are from two years before the first outbreak. The date on the files are 2014.
  • A Flashback Character mentions Hurricane Sandy
  • In another flashback, a Doctor remarks that a person has been sick for almost seven years since The Earthquake in Haiti, and it is listed as 01 BZ.
  • According to creator Karl Schaefer the apocalypse began on November 9th 2016.